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Today's Episode: National Take a Wild Guess Day
Hey Nerdfighters! The DFTBA Warehouse is back! Join us every business day in April for a behind the scenes look at the warehouse and a look at some new products!

Rachel: Happy Friday guys, take a wild guess of what we're gonna do today. If you guessed it's 'take a wild guess day' then you're
correct. If you guessed we're going to go through the life of an order today, then you are also correct.

So here's the label of the order that we're going to pack today. First we want to make sure that we put it on a good size bag for the amount of things that there are. Put the label on so we know what's in the bag, and then we put the shipping label on.

Then we want to take a look of what's in the order, because each item has its own SKU. First let's take a look at the posters. It has a poster, so let's pack that first. Then we go through any miscellaneous, this one and this one. Then we check to see if we can combine anything, like this hat and this shirt.

Go to the hat section, get SKU, shirt section, make sure you check the size. Make the hatbox. Don't forget to put it in the bag. Lastly this order has some drink wear in it, so we want to go to D11 and grab that shot glass. Don't forget to seal it, and it's ready to go.

That was just an example of one order, I'm sure you can take a wild
guess of all the different kinds of orders we get here. Thanks for watching this week, hope to see on Monday and don't forget to be awesome.