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A compilation of the many times Hank fails to finish in Super Mario Bros. Wii.

Edited by Made of Awesome Kerri: Check her out!
Intro by Michael Aranda:
(Intro- I'm so bad at game!)

Katherine: Woo hoo! Heh Mario.

Hank: Agh! I was getting prepared!

Hank: Oh come on!


Hank: Ohh! And I'm stuck over there.

Hank: I'm going to finish this episode. 

Katherine: Are you?

Hank: Agh. Probably not.

Hank: Oh I died!

Hank: Good job everybody. Good job.

Katherine: You're just like floating around in a bubble over there.

Hank: Where am I?

Katherine: You were just off to the edge, floating around in a bubble.

Hank: Wee! Katherine for the win!

Michael: And at the bottom of the flagpole.

Hank: All right well done everybody!

Michael: We did it!

Michael: We did it!

Hank: I just ran off the edge because I felt like it.

Katherine: Hooray! Hooray!

Hank: I gotta say all right! See you guys! I'm not interested in this game anymore!

Hank: No! They got me!

Michael: Aghh!

Hank: Yay.

Hank: I don't finish levels!