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For your enjoyment - a compilation of many of the times Hank has died while playing Super Mario Bros Wii. This episode contains deaths from Hank & Katherine & Michael play Super Mario Bros Wii episodes 1-15.

Edited by Made of Awesome Kerri: Check her out!
This video originally appeared on her channel, and you can watch it here:

Intro by Michael Aranda:

(Intro - I'm so bad at game!)

Hank: I'm so good at game!
Katherine: Yeah, you're so good at game.

H: Mari... what? Wait, no! Go! God darn. Oh! Jah! 
K: (Laughs)

H: (Laughs)
K: (Laughs)

H: That was surprisingly difficult. Ah!

H: Shoot it. No!

K: Oh!
H: Oh, I didn't even see that fish!

K: I guess that's...
H: Ah.

H: I am so bad at game!

K: ...situation, ah!
H: Ah!
K: That's so stupid!
Michael: No, you leap. (Laughs)

H: Gah!

K: Jerks! Ah, now they're coming this direction! Thank you so much!

H: We gonna ride that donkey, donkey! Oh my, are you kidding me?
K: If you just come this direc...

Ml: Oh, dear. 
H: Oh!
M: Oh.

M: I'm...
H: Ah!

K: Woah! Woah, look out!
H: Ah! It kept going!

H: That was... that was my bad.

H: Oh, man!
K: (Laughs)

K: You have to use the run button!
H: Pfft!

H: Oh, I died!

K: There! Get it! Oh!

K: OK.
M: Hoh, hee, huh, huh, huh.
H: I died again.

K: Jeez. Wow.
H: Everybody, what I did was a bad idea.

H: Ah! Where did that... Whatnygen!

K: Bouncy pulp.
H: Pfft.

H: Oh.

M: Um.
H: Pfft.

H: Oh.

H: Ooh, ooh.
M: That's not very nice.

K: Oh, huah! Huh!
H: Danger.

H: Yeah, I saw that coming.

K: Kick it.
M: Hngg. Giguh!
K: That was not a good recommendation, honey.

H: I just ran into a turtle.

M: Um.
K: (Laugh)

H: Like, I'm not going to do it.
K: Oh gosh!

H: So now we all know that I'm bad at this game.

M: All of the things are OK.

K: Oh yeah, Toad, yeah. Make it. Oh.
M: Oh.

K: But how'd Toad get so many lives? Don't throw me into that.

M: That's... Why is this happening?

H: Ahhh!
K: Hank smash!

H: I am... Ooh, thanks for saving me from... Oh!

H: Gohangohee!
K: Jumpies!
H: Oh, I didn't jump!

K: OK, Mario.
H: Oh!

M: Ooh, a thing.
H: I hit the A button!

H: Hooah.
M: Woah.
H: I died.

K: (Laughs)

K: Oh no!
M: I got a Goomba in the mouth.

H: Good, considering how little he's-a played.

K: Oh no.
M: Whee, oh.
K: Oh no.

K: This is not, this is...

K: We have to bubble to you. Oh no, no, no.
H: Oh, what.

K: Crap.
M: Oh geez.
H: Oh!

K: Oh.

K: Go get the mushroom.

H: Ah, hammer. Oh! So many Goombas.

H: I died a lot 'cause that's what I do.

K: Oh.

K: It's important to know.

H: I'm going goin' goin' goin'... Oh Jeez.

H: Ah!

H: (Beatboxing)

H: He he he. Oh.

H: Jump over them 'cause you can't do anything else. I don't understand how that killed me.

H: I died.

M: Oh.
H: Oh God. I've died a thousand million times.

K: Oh.
H: Eh!
K: (Laughs)
M: What! No! (Laughs)
H: Why did I do that! I'm so sorry!

H: So much going on. Oh!

M: Hn-n-n-n-na. Hn-n-n-n-na.

M: This is not going to end well.
H: I died.

H: Do you know how close you are to the edge, Luigi? Oh.
K: Do you know how close you are to the edge?

K: Oh my God.
H: Oh!

H: Ah!

H: Oh, how did I just die?

M: Oh, I want one.
K: Oh.
H: I died.

H: And I... Ah.

H: I'm just bad at game.

K: Hey.

H: All these are gonna explode guys.
M: Woah. Woah.

H: I don't know what happened to me. I died somehow.

H: No. No. No, no, no!
K: Oh!

H: You're all correct in... ah.

K: Oh.
M: I just feel like...
H: Oh.

K: Oh sh...
H: Oh his ball's very big now. Oh, I just ran off the edge.

M: Woah.
K: Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God.

H: Pfft.

M: I wasn't paying attention.
H: Pfft.

M: No.
H: How the frick are you supposed to get on these.

H: I want to do this. Ah!

H: Not going to happen.
M: No. Big urchin.

K: ...een. Ah. Just...
H: I just...

K: Friend.

K: I died.
M: Woah.
H: I also died.

K: I died again.
H: I also died.

H: (Laughs) No!

H: Ah, my Yoshi. Come back. I died.

H: Oh, oh, ah!

M: Yoshi, stop it.
K: Wait.

M: Ooh.
H: Ah!

K: That was too bad.

K: Oh frick.
H: Oh my God!

M: This is bad.
H: Oh!

H: Chfft.

H: Eh!
M: No!
H: Ah!

H: Sh...
K: (Laughs)

H: I am useless!
K: No, you're great at this.