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Scientists have put the human gene MCPH1 (which plays a role in brain development) into monkey embryos through a virus that contained the gene. Sounds like a movie, right?

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Scientist in China, get this, put a human gene into a monkey. They think they can make the monkeys more intelligent. Stop me if you've seen this movie. This is Healthcare Triage News.


In the immortal words of Patton Oswald, "Science! We're all about coulda, not so much about shoulda." To the research!

In a study publish recently in the National Science Review in Beijing, scientists took the human gene MCPH1 (which plays a role in brain development) and put it into a monkey embryos through a virus that contained the gene. They did this to 11 monkeys. Not 12, 11. Six of them died. The remaining five didn't have significantly different brain development, but they did do a bit better on some memory tasks in the short term. They also had brains which developed more like human brains even if they wound up more like money brains. 

Because they don't care that they are literally enacting a movie, they are going to use viruses to inject other human genes into monkeys. One is thought to be involved in human intelligence. The other's involved with language ability, because they want Planet of the Apes to happen, or Frankenstein.

What will the scientist do with the monkeys if they succeed, when these animals feel all alone in the universe. Do they think the monkeys will love their creators?

Forget the fact that they also killed half the monkeys. I'm sure the new, smarter monkeys will totally understand. I'm sure the virus will be contained. I'm sure none of this will bite us all in the butt.

One of the scientists who did this says it will be unethical to do it in apes, because apes are too much like us, and because it's called Planet of the Apes. Because monkeys split off from us evolutionarily 25 million years ago, he thinks that this is safer and more ethical. Until we get Planet of the Monkeys.

That's all I got here. I literally just cannot believe that anyone thinks this is a good idea and that we're not all horrified and shutting down this ridiculousness right now. We know where this ends. It's not a good place for the humans on the planet.


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