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Welcome back to "Ask Iggy," where an actual, certified doctor answers all your medical and science questions. YEEHAW!

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Hey internet, Iggy DeLacey here, and you are in luck, because today, we have an actual certified doctor in the house to answer all of your medical and science questions. Please meet...Me, Doctor Iggy DeLacey! Can you believe it? Ah, neither can my parents.


Okay! Our first question today comes from Grant Gadean, and a very good dean to you too, sir, I tip my hat to you. (pretends to tip hat) Grant asks, "Why do we sweat out of our armpits and other crevices?" Hey! Speak for yourself, pal! Okay, I'm just kidding. I sweat constantly, and my body's like 80% crevice. (sniffs himself and whispers) Yeah.
But, the main culprit here for your sweat pit problems are the apocrine glands. Now these are sweat glands located in the space between your skin, and subcutaneous fat, mainly found in your armpits, your eyelids, your canals, your crotch, and of course, your nipples, or nips, to use the precise medical term. I'm a doctor. Now, you may be thinking, "Hey, DeLacey, you stupid jerk face, I don't sweat out of my ear canals! Idiot!"
Well, you sound like a very rude person, but you are in fact correct. These are the same types of sweat gland found in your armpits, but in your ears, they're known as ceruminous glands, and they produce ear wax.
Yeah, your apocrine glands are kinda nasty. But, very important. They act as your primary thermos-regulator, producing sweat that evaporates and cools the body. Now sweat also acts as a territorial marker, and as a warning signal for animals in the wild. Plus, it contains pheromones, the scent of which can help attract potential mates. Kinda like nature's Tinder. Seriously! People can sense from your sweat if they might conceivably wanna hook up with you! (sniffs himself) Yeah! It smells like I'm ready for a night out on the town. It's worth noting though, that sweat itself is odorless, it's actually the bacteria that collect in and populate your sweat that smell gross. Or, maybe people are smelling the food stuck in your beard...but that's a, uh, whole other video. (checks his beard for food)


Grant! Thanks for your weird question! And if anyone else out there wants to know anything about armpits, or sweat, or even things that aren't super disgusting, hit me up on twitter, @IggyDeLacey. Peace! I'm out! (drops tablet on the ground dramatically) Tablet drop!