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In which Hank & Katherine & Michael go swimming and stuff.
Katherine: Hello and welcome to this episode of Hank and Katherine playi-and Michael play this, play this video game!  Oh! Get him!

Michael: Welcome to Hank and Katherine play Michael.

K: Haha. Pretty much.

Hank: For a fool.

K: Only accidentally.

M: There's a dog touching my butt right now.

K: Me too.

H: Uh, me too!  Touching everbody's butt!

M:I'm glad that we have this moment to share.

H: She's wel skilled.

K: I'm trying to get it for you but it's not happening.

H: What, this...

K: See

H: Oh, I got it. Hey!

K: You probably needed that.

H: I appreciate your efforts on my behalf.

K: Push the button push the button push the button push the button push the button push the button push the button.  He's ground poundin'... the water huh.

H: Oh, oh...oh.  Geez, they just give you enough stuff OH I forgot where we were going.  We're going to do the going everybody.  What's up there?  Wha-I thought I was a different color.   I thought I was the Lug-ers.

M: Do you need to jump on my squishy head?

K: I think we need to just jump on this um, the fish? Over here?  My god, swim, Luigi, swim!  Why are, why you falling? Ah!  Ahhhh, was there anything up there? No?

H: No, there was nothing up there.

K: That's weird.  How bout up here.

H: (singing) Everybody's a fiiish!  Yeah I hit the button and now I'm in a bubble.  Underwater bubble.
Oh, they're all, they're all over here.  So where'd the-wait, no.

K: Oh, thank God!

H: Ah, oh yay perfect timing.

K: Oh my God, so many fishes.

H+M: Nyuaaahhhh, Nyaaaaah

K: Oh, so many fishes.

M: Oohh...

H: I'm just gonna walk.

K: Get it, Toader. Yeah, yellow flag, (sarcastically) I've never seen one of those.

H: Oh, yay, I don't understand why. Oh, that explodes.  Oh, it died!  Thought it was gonna kill me, for sure.

M: No, that fish stole my.. my blue.

H: Oohh, OHHH!  Ah..

K: Wait, wait, wait, there's a thing over here.

H: No, no Lugigi, Mario, sorry.

K: I can't, come on!

H: I'm comin' back, comin' back.

K: I was in the position, and then.  Ughh!

H: Everybody, everything's fine, everything's okay, it's good, fine, okay.

M: All the things, they are good.

H: Ahhh! (whispers) Aww dammit.
Hit it, hit it for me. Thank you.

K: Not for you!

M: That was not a good deal for me.

K: Only for, only for Lui-Only for Mario.

H: I didn't know that you needed one.  Alright everybody work together, work together. It's not working.  We have to, we have to get one when it's right underneath us.  Wait don't shoot it yet, no don't shoot it yet! NOW shoot it.  No, I just died, I just killed myself.

K: OH, son of a poop!

M: I don't have a freezy-majig.

K: I just lost mine.

H: We've ruined it.  We've ruined the opportunities.

K: Come on, Luigi!

All: *Grunting*

H: Aw yeah! Toad for the win!  Katherine just killed herself.

K: (laughing) No I didn't.  Almost.

H: They call me Kelly.

M: Thsoe were some of the most supreme button mashing skills I learned from Mario Party.

K: Mhm.

H: Oh man, oh yeah that Mario Party button mashing is impo-woah urchin.

M: Noo ho ho.

H: Ahh!

K: Dang it!  Dang it, how do I get in there?  Son of a poop! Aww!

H: Oh I didn't see that fish!

K: We both just died.

H: I thought that was Toad!

K: We both just died.

M: Well I'm just gonna hang out until some bubbles appear.

K: Don't die.  h my God, two bubbles is two bubbles too many.  Oh boy, wow.  So we didn't get that one.

H: I know, woah that thing just fell off the edge.

K: Oh, sh*t.  Oops.

H: Shh, Katherine.

K: Sorry.  I don't know what the time was.  I guess that's Nick's job though.  These things are following me, get outta here.

H: Get, get, go!  Just go!  Aw, there was a 1-up in that.

K: Oh, heroic Toad!  Do what, do what you wanna do!

H: I'm gonna, I'm gonna finish this episode.

K: Are you?

H: Probably not.  Nope, I'm not, I'm in a bubble.  I'm not gonna, not gon.  Have I finished a single level yet?

M: No, you have not.

K: Well you killed the fort guy. So..

H: Yeah

K: That was, that was you.

H: I guess.

K: But you have not touched the flag.

M: We just built a bridge. Together.

H: (Singing to the tune of We Built This City)  We built this bridgey.  We built this bridgey over water.

H+K: We built this bridgey.  We built this bridgey

H: Over water

K: On rock and roll.  Ohh, we did, we had different ideas about where that was going.

M: Hey, hey dude, hey guy.

H: Oh.  Do you guys, you wanna french?

M: No?

K: You got any mushrooms?  Juat like, one on one?

H: Yeah it's just you and me.

K: It's your turn.

H: Other button sir.

M: I want this one.

H: Oh, you always choose it.

K: What, oh I want dat one.

M: No!

H: It's fine, it's all fine.  Oh, Katherine.

K: What!

H: I'm gonna blame you!

M: Nevermind the uh...uh..

H: Too bad, you didn't get one.

K: Oh, dang it!

H: I know, it's a travesty.

M: Tragedy, travesty.

K: Why did you go this way?

H: Cuz I wanted the mushrooms.

K: Ok.  Don't mess with Hank.

H: Oh, this one's hard.  That's a lot of goombas to kill.

M: What is this level?

K: You wanna get the toads, and not die.

H: And also kill all the goombas.

M: I was really unhelpful, that round  I just stood there.

H: Oh, so like, normal.

M: Yeah.

K: I like the good stuff, why are we going this way, okay.

H: Why not, don't you wanna go to the mushroom land?

K: It's another level.  No I don't like the one over the abyss.

H: But we gotta do all of them.

K: Of infinity...

H: Anyway.

K: I'm gonna be the first one to use a continue, guys.

H: That's crazy.

K: That's crazy talk.

H: That's not how this game works.

K: It isn't.

M: I, I don't like this.  I don't like this.

H: I'm so bad at game!

K: Michael just ran, right off the edge.

H: I don't know what we're supposed to do, guys.

M: I'm just gonna smell this flower.

K: We're s'posed to get this freakin', aw, dang it!  Oh my gosh!  There you go, thanks for ground-pounding me into the -death.

H: Whatever, everything's fine.  Get it, Toad, get it.

M: I got it.

K: Okay, wait.  Wait.  Wait.

H: What, wait, what, wait, what.

K: Can you get on top of that platform?

H: Yes.

K: Okay, get up there.

H: I, I've been (?) so it's gonna take me a second.  Wait, do I hav to like slide under that one?

K: No, you can ground pound on it.  You know how to ground pound.

H: You're right, right.  Oh, except it goes down, can't ground pound it!

K: Oh, balls!

M: Lololol

K: Ohh.  Oh, wow, that was dumb.

H: Jesus shake-a-booty.

M: Jesus shake-a-booty.

K: Two, two, two, two, two, two, three people is too many.

H: Everything's fine.

K: I wanna go towards Toad.  Why is that no g-run, Toad, run!

H: Doo, doo, do, doo, doo, d-oops. (8:23)