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In which Hank meets (and falls in love with a tree) and then dives deep into the TFiOS trailer..searching for hidden meaning.

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Watch the TFiOS Trailer (like you haven't already)

Music from the Trailer:
Sun - Sleeping at Last
We're On Our Way - Radical Face -
What You Wanted - One Republic -
Hank: Good morning John, and congratulations on the release of The Fault in Our Stars trailer, it was fantastic! But I have to say, that I'm a little bit upset.

You might not even know this, but the release of that trailer happened roughly at the same time as the release of a short film that I did with Michael Aranda. And I feel, like it's kind of been overshadowed and nobody's seen it because of all the TFiOS mania. 

SO, I've decided that I'm gonna show it to you all right now. Without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, this is Hank and the Tree. 

(Hank walks towards tree, romantic music plays) 
(Hank stares at tree and smiles)
(Increasingly close-up shots of both Hank and the tree) 
(Hank unbuttons one button to reveal extra t-shirt below it)
(Hank walks towards tree and strokes it) 
(licks lips)
(continues stroking tree) 
(kisses pine cone)
(hugs tree, tree branches hug him) 
(kisses tree)
(licks tree)
(strokes tree, gets feet tangled in tree branches)
(shot of shirt flying up into top branches of tree)
(credits roll)

Yeah. Uh-huh. Michael and I did that as part of the World Builders campaign. World Builders is kind of like the Project for Awesome, except that it's run by authors instead of YouTubers. For every $10 dollars you donate, you are entered in a chance to win one of hundreds of signed books, by dozens of authors, and when they reach certain milestones, like in my case 350,000 dollars, people do weird things. So check it out, there's a link in the description.

Now, as wonderful as Hank and the Tree is, TFiOS trailer is amazing and I've watched it like 50 times. So here are some of the things that I have noticed. In-depth review of The Fault in Our Stars trailer. 

Hazel's mum drives a 2012 Honda Accord - a sensible choice. Monica drives a green Mitsubishi Eclipse, which is not what Monica drives in the book. In the book she drives green Ford Thunderburp- Thunderburp?! She drives a Thunderburp!

Hazel apparently likes Pink Floyd: this shirt is really old, like, Laser Show Pink Floyd shirt, that you can't get anymore, but I found one on eBay and I bought it!

She also likes Imagine Dragons, that poster is from a show that they did in Denver. I don't know how she got there...
AND, Hectic Glow Poster!

Her wardrobe is as expected; Chuck Taylors; purple bra; Ceci n'est pas une pipe shirt. And of course, Augustus is wearing his signature leather pterodactyl jacket. Not, it's not made of pterodactyl leather, though that would be amazing. People at the warehouse just noticed that if you look at it a certain way it looks like a pterodactyl.

Important TFIOS landmarks include the Anne Frank house, the bridge where John once stared at us, the Literal Heart of Jesus, and the vaguely pedophilic swing, seeking the butts of children.
The "HG" on the ceiling probably stands for "Hazel Grace", but maybe it stands for "Hank Green", you don't know! And what's this on the nightstand, a piece of paper, what is that, you think it could be maybe a Venn diagram?

John, thank you for helping bring something so cool into the world I am extremely excited for you, and for me. I want to go see it and it's still five months away?!

I know this has got to be a really freaky time for you, like, I'm sure you are super anxious, but it is going to be fantastic. Congratulations, and I'll see you on Tuesday

(cut to black)
(Hanklerfish plush swims into frame)

Blub blub blub blub blub blub blub!
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