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Hank discusses the launch of an all new channel: SciShow Space! This new channel will be all space. All the time.

First video posts Tuesday, April 1st! So join Hank and our new hosts for an adventure that's out of this world!
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Hank: For the past two years you've come along with us as SciShow has explored the world; gotten to know some of its greatest minds; visited its weirdest places; and investigated the rules of chemistry, physics, and biology that life on earth lives by. I'm Hank Green and now I'd like to take our relationship to the next level, The Universe.

Join us for the launch (see what I did there) of SciShow Space; a new channel dedicated to exploring the cosmos from just  outside our atmosphere to the center of our galaxy and beyond, and we won't be doing it alone.

Caitlin: I'm Caitlin Hofmeister. Have you ever wondered where the solar system actually ends; or what seasons are like on other planets; and what space suits will be like for the next generation of space explorers? Well we can answer that and a whole lot more.

Reid: I'm Reid Reimers and every week Hank, Caitlin and I will also bring you the latest in space news: new discoveries; recent launches; mission updates; and even tips for skywatching in your own backyard.

Hank: So join us starting April 1st, and no this is not an April fools joke, just go to and subscribe. You have to do that or you won't see the videos, which are going to be great,with us.