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Hello fellow travellers,

We launched Journey to the Microcosmos knowing that there would be, y’know, some people who would be interested in the magnificence of this world that exists beyond our view and that some portion of those people would like to enjoy that world with a more laid back vibe than your average YouTube video. That feels like a fraction of a fraction of an audience so we were not expecting this level of response.

Your comments, your thoughts, your support, it's been really special for us. For James and his cultures in Europe, for me and Matt here in Missoula Montana. And for Deboki over on the east coast, writing and fact checking, this process has been really something special.

Starting out, we planned to make a total of 30 episodes of Journey to the Microcosmos. We’re now on our way to episode 15 and no one on the team thinks that we’re half way done with this anymore. We want to keep going.

We want more original music from Andrew Huang. We want better equipment so we can see more and deeper at higher resolutions and frame rates. We want more time and resources to get to the bottom of the mysteries we’re most curious about.

We also want to provide the folks that love what we do with a little extra, and to get you involved. So, as you might have expected would eventually happen, and as many of you have been asking for, which is wonderful, we have a Patreon now. Our Patreon only has one level.

It’s $8 a month and it gets everyone the same things:. First, you’ll be thanked in the credits of all videos while you’re a Patreon. Second, once a month we’ll be sending you an hour-long, un-narrated video that will show off Andrew Huang's full-length tracks and deeper cuts of our footage.

And third, a weekly image, as high resolution as we can get, of some of our favorite microbes for you to use on your computer, phone, or just print out and put on your actual wall. We know that, ultimately, what people want out of a Patreon is to support the channel, not to make a bunch of extra work for us. And that’s what we want to...and we want to thank you.

I’ve been making YouTube videos for a long time, and I have never had a channel gather such a die-hard fanbase so fast. This has been really wonderful. Thank you for coming on this journey with us as we explore the unseen world that surrounds us.