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Hank decides to change the scripts on the fly and makes some interesting noises.

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CC Kids:
(00:00) Hank Green (HG): Twentieth-century American philosopher Robert Nozick asked us to remember that scientists have developed the ultimate innovation and- oh, imagined.
(Embarrassed face) What'id I say?
(Off camera answer, giggling.) Ahha haa
Don't forget that scientists have developed the ultimate innovation in vul-virtual reality; it already happened.


(00:33) Now, there are at least two pretty immediate responses to this line of thinking.
(Off camera) WHY?
(Off camera) One, shut up. Two, **** you. 
(Off camera) That was your immediate response?
HG: You guys are just like the internet over here.

(00:54) One arbiter you, one arbiter you might, one arbiter, one ar-bit-or, arbitor.

(00:59) They had you, or kept you, or adopted you beause they wanted you and they wanted to give you because they wanted to.

(01:07) It's not Jim's fault that the head soldier is a totally dirt- totaldirtbag.
(01:11) So now you can see why Aristotle's definition of virtue was totally vague. Wheeere theee golden mean (?) depends on the situation. [Clicks] I don't know what happened to me. 
(01:23) You love her very much and you have given her the best life you could. And now Fluffly is nearing the end of her life. You'll care for her until the end, but when she dies. Why not eat her?.... I didn't read the script beforehand. So that was a twist I didn't expect. [Laughter].

(01:53) So if you learn virtue by watching it, sou (?) ag, (inaudible sentence)

[5 burps]

(02:00) But what if I am aiming my coconut at a pyramid, pyramidofowls (?).

(02:05) In the 1950s, Canadian mathematician Albert E. E.

(02:11) Provided we didn't steal it or otherwise obtain it ub-ubjustly.

(02:14) Aristole argued that nature has built into us the desire to be virtuous in the same way that acorns are built with the dev-deviiiive.

(02:23) So really ruu-uu totalitarianism.

(02:26) Singer offers a thought experient that has seen many various over the years. But a vas-vasic version. 

(02:32) [Weird mouth sounds] (?)

(02:35) The whole group of indige- in-dah-dah-dah-dah

(02:38) But some form ba-lah

(02:39) But Singer argues here that 
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