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Hank decides to change the scripts on the fly and makes some interesting noises.

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(00:00) Hank Green (HG): Twentieth-century American philosopher Robert Nozick asked us to remember that scientists have developed the ultimate innovation and- oh, imagined. 

(Embarrassed face) What'id I say?

(Off camera answer, giggling.) Ahha haa

Don't forget that scientists have developed the ultimate innovation in vul-virtual reality; it already happened.


(00:33) Now, there are at least two pretty immediate responses to this line of thinking.

(Off camera) WHY?

(Off camera) One, shut up. Two, * you. 


(Off camera) That was your immediate response?

HG: You guys are just like the internet over here.


(00:54) One arbiter you, one arbiter you might, one arbiter, one ar-bit-or, arbitor.

(00:59) They had you, or kept you, or adopted you because they wanted you and they wanted to give you because they wanted to.

(01:07) It's not Jim's fault that the head soldier is a totally dirt- totaldirtbag.

(01:11) So now you can see why Aristotle's definition of virtue was totally vague. Wheeere theee golden mean (?) depends on the situation. [Clicks] I don't know what happened to me. 

(01:23) You love her very much and you have given her the best life you could. And now Fluffly is nearing the end of her life. You'll care for her until the end, but when she dies. Why not eat her?.... I didn't read the script beforehand. So that was a twist I didn't expect. [Laughter].

(01:53) So if you learn virtue by watching it, sou (?) ag, (inaudible sentence)

[5 burps]

(02:00) But what if I am aiming my coconut at a pyramid, pyramidofowls (?).

(02:05) In the 1950s, Canadian mathematician Albert E. E.

(02:11) Provided we didn't steal it or otherwise obtain it ub-ubjustly.

(02:14) Aristole argued that nature has built into us the desire to be virtuous in the same way that acorns are built with the dev-deviiiive.

(02:23) So really ruu-uu totalitarianism.

(02:26) Singer offers a thought experiment that has seen many various over the years. But a vas-vasic version. 

(02:32) [Weird mouth sounds] (?)

(02:35) The whole group of indige- in-dah-dah-dah-dah

(02:38) But some form ba-lah

(02:39) But Singer argues here that if you can cr--pffft.

Thanks, Thoughbubble.  Ya--pffft.  

If it's not okay to do it to a human, it's not okay to do it to an animal either.  That's a not easy sentence to read. All of those words are the same. (?~2:56)

Off-camera: Well let's do it again then.

HG: No, it's fine-- I-- oh, I see what you meant. Yes. No. Let's not do it again.

(3:02) Well, the school of thought laid out by eighteenth century German philosopher Immanuel Kant now nown nows

(3:09) Becuase it's our most caring r--(mouth fart)

(3:10) Over in the th--(mouth sound)

(3:11) Everything has a function and the thing is-- bluaach

(3:15) We (voo noise) think we would

(3:19) This one is called rule utilitarianism (pause) 'R's and 'L's. Rural.

Off camera: Rural.

HG: Rural.

Off camera: Rural (indistinct word)

HG: Rurl (laugh)

(3:34) To see how-- let's hope (pft)

(3:36) That's exactly what people are gonna (pft)

(3:37) Sometime-- sometimes

(3:40) When you use the standard of substituted judgment you're asked to do not what you want to do but you will- wa buh- wuh da da do-- what you would buhdi buhdi

(3:49) Sometimes it's translated as (mouth noise) (laughter) (indistinct sentence starting with: that's a...)

Off camera: That's not as funny as I think it is

(4:05) HG: And if this study of philosophy has taught you anything, it's that things are not always at they seem... at?

(4:12) Becuase you give simply-- (deep breath) uaaah

(4:15) You can't be held molally-- morally-- mollaly

(4:19) Singer offer (plthh noise)

(4:21) And according to this (bleh)

(4:23) The big (horse mouth noise)

(4:24) So contemporary American philosopher Hugh LaFollette believes that-- th-th-th-tha-b-- blue-- Hugh LaFollette (horse mouth noise)

(4:34) (fart noise)

(4:35) is more likely to be acceptable than-- (djj noise)

(4:39) Thanks, thought bubble. Thinger (mouth noise)

(4:41) Or, should you have to demonstrate (tripping over word) (mouth noise)

(4:45) Choosing to live with this (euch noise)

(4:47) Just like a life bort-- boort

(4:49) And we discussed Aristotle's (phonetic) udiemostnistic-- monastic picture of a good human life as well as the existentialist view that each determines the value (ofz) their own lives. Things went wrong in a lot of different ways.

(5:06) I had a British person once-- ah, first time I ever went to England- they told me a joke: 'why was the washing machine laughing?' and the answer to the question was 'because it was taking the piss out of the jeans' and I was like... (hands facing upwards with a why expression on face) (laughter off-camera) Is that surrealist? Like, wha... (laughter) What is... 

off-camera: Must be your dada joke

HG: Ah yeah I was very confused. I had to have the whole thing explained to me.

Off-camera: Always the best way

HG: Yeah

Off-camera: Yeah, real fun

HG: Well I feel like-- I feel like why is the washing machine laughing- because it's hair was on fire- it's just like, you could say anything. It's... good.