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Page Lewis: Hi, my name is Page Lewis.

Sarah Kay: I'm Sarah Kay. 

Roger Bennett: This is Roger Bennett

Ashley Ford: Hi, my name is Ashley C. Ford.

Oliver Baez Bendorf: I'm Oliver Baez Bendorf.

Himanshu Syriac: Hey, I'm Himanshu Syriac AKA Haims(?~0:11)

Sabrina Orah Mark: My name is Sabrina Orah Mark.

And I chose this poem because it's about my grandfather.

I wrote it in the middle of a Wisconsin winter.

I wrote it in the aftermath of the Pulse shooting.

It showed me the truth of what love could be.

It's had a huge impact on my life.

And it's a poem that means a lot to me, so I want to share it. 

What does it mean when we are told
Go on, be bold. Take the first step.
We all have stories. 
When I was young I believed in forever.
I'm a writer, I said, I can be made of anything.
Some day this will all have been worth it. 
And the song goes on, beautiful.