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Just trying out livestream stuff for the P4A

I don't know if you can hear me either, it says I'm live I don't know if this is how do I make video happen. okay cool. Video, video, webcam, media source…

You can hear me okay well that's good. 

window capture? Great. oh, I can show you the various windows I have open, that's not what I want, it's not what I want, doesn't help me. 


video capture, device? add new, ok, device, Face Time HD camera, ok



Oh, am I doing it?

hey there, I am why why why isn't it, weird I don't understand why it's big…

hey alright it's showing up on the thing too - that doesn't look half bad. alright so you can switch between scenes, I can switch back to my text...? no I can't, oh no I do it with this. ah I see. oh interesting, interesting okay okay I'm getting it. so what okay…? what if I wanted to add -  what do I want to add ? audio output, audio input, video image, it can add an image, you could create an image, okay, I create an image, image file, browse, I'm going to find an image, it's thinking about this. Let’s see if I can find a transparent PNG so I'll see if that if that works. oh, wow it's having a bit of a hard time. Boo-badooo… trying to find some kind of thing to put on the thing. 

Well, that looks promising, let's try that. oh, okay well that showed up, if you think this is the return of games with Hank my friends it is not, it's just as just an image that I found, that I can then put. boop! let's see if transparent PNGs work, I can just add another image, I don't know why I'm doing this publicly with you all chatting at me and being like what a dork. and and why is he trying to figure this out.

media source, create new, media, there are unsaved changes, don't save I don't know. local file browse, wait wait, there's a way to do non-local files? what what kind of non-local file would I use? like a YouTube video?

This… do-do-do-do-do do-do-do-do-do

Would that work? force format conversion, use hardware decoding when available, input forma, this this looks more confusing… okay


*Snapchat video starts playing over the top of him speaking*


Look at that, now there’s a video playing on top of my livestream video. Can you hear that video? You can. I can see that you can hear, there’s a media source thing there. That’s really distracting you probably want me to undo it, huh. Okay, well I’ll do that.

Yes, get rid of it. Woo! Things! Boo-do-do-do-do-do, this is better than how we usually do livestreams, way more varieties of options. 

Um, add, uh, display capture, okay, hello! I just want to show… crop manual, do I just click and drag? oh no I have to do this [uncomfortable laugh] I have to okay, that's uh, interesting.

well, this is confusing, okay, you stay there, you the thing that I just cropped, come over here,

 okay, interesting, interesting, good, weird. alright that's good. adding something else. What else am I gonna add? Uhh, audio out, audio input, video capture device, media source, I did that text, did that. I want to see if I can add an image and have it preserved transparency, so let’s see if I can find transparent something. oh yeah, you're slow, I've slowed my computer way down, that is for sure.


This thing I think was transparent, which one was it, which one was it, make it bigger show me these things big.

[whistling the Indiana Jones theme]

[frustrated noises]


…February, there’s gotta be some kind of transparent PNG on my freaking computer you guys,

 Where would it be? well one of these two is. oh, yay it did preserve transparency, yay!

 what is that thing you asked… well I had to make a, so so when I was recording my video recently I was in Portland with Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor, the creators of welcome to night vale, they got a call from their agent and I was listening to them on speakerphone, and their phone was out and you can see their agents phone number, and so I made this thing to block it. I just needed a shape that was roughly that size, and so I if you go back and watch that video

 You can see that thing is sitting on top. Oh trivia!

Okay, so that's how this works, that's pretty good. I mean, I mean, like yeah, it's pretty, it's pretty good. the thing that I don't think that I currently have operating is desktop audio, so like if something were playing, like if a YouTube video were playing in the background, I don't think that I would be getting… yes floating shape of doom. So, if I play this video, where's a video. I should probably close some of these tabs. Close, close, close, yeah play this Splatoon video

[video starts making noise]

 yeah, desktop audio is not working. You can hear it because it's playing on my speakers and my mic is picking up my speakers. but it's not playing from… it's not actually capturing the audio I don't know if that's important. I don't know if we're ever gonna- well yeah it would be important, if we had people calling in through Skype. we will want to be able to hear their audio, right? so that would not work if, there-, it was just coming out of the speakers, and then going into the microphone, I mean it would work, it would just sound awful. 

Floating shape of doooom.

and then you can switch between scenes. so, if I click on this, right now this is just the audio. display, drop to window, play zero, display, show cursor, window oh I already have this on my computer even, how do I do the thing where it gets the desktop audio. do I have to restart? Do you have an issue because of some reason you often do? oh let's check out the live stream people, people in the chat, set your speaker- use xsplit that's all I can, well I'm using OBS so xsplit OBS are roughly the same thing except that I'm on a Mac so I can't use xsplit.

 dudududud, am I gone? I'm gone but my voice is here. and we go back to this

 scene and all these things are still around. delete this, and delete this, yes, I want to remove this image. I wanna remove it, MINUS! no I don't want to remove THAT I want to move in this image. Okay, so there's this thing, and then you can lay a whole thing on top of it, and then my stream health is is yellow. My stream health is not green. why? is that just my Internet's not very fast, my viewers may be experiencing minor issues, according to this. so, it's really funny that that this thing here, no this, this, THAT, that display capture one, click on the settings of that, manual, to window, to window and manual, display zero, show cursor, yeah, I mean that's just,

 uh, that's gonna that's a pain in the butt to set that up. you know like change it slowly, like fine-tune it with these things, okay. I still have not figured out what's up with the desktop audio. I know I need to use sound flower, and I know that it's not working, that's all I know. I recommend wizardry. um use edit scene. yes, I'm using edit scene. I'm editing the scene, edit edit scene, edit scene, add scenes. I can switch between them. and I can, it's just that the mixer… so it's like the audio is is like nothing it's like no sound is coming out the desktop audio. Let’s go to System Preferences on the actual computer itself and see what it thinks. sound it thinks the input is the internal microphone, that's fine then the output is internal speaker, so let's change that to Soundflower maybe that will help. That’s why this Splatoon video. Well now I have no audio at all. but you can hear it I can’t, but you can! That’s! not actually fixed the problem. Why not?? Why can’t I hear it and you cannnn! That’s ridiculous! Oh man [laughs].

Properties, 64 channel? I broke it. I can’t hear it either though. I still can't. it's definitely that it's broken. it's definitely doing something it shouldn't do; I've always had a hard time with Soundflower. maybe I should just update the sound flower and that will fix it? I don't know. You guys want to watch this Splatoon video with me? Vid- audio display window capture, add existing, yeah create new, and then Google Chrome, yeah, this, this is the Splatoon video I'm watching, look at it, it's a little bit laggy, at least from from my view there on the on the thing, let me see what it was like to you. is it there yet? This is quality entertainment. well, I'm using 46.9% of my CPU right now. so that can’t be good. um okay now I'm leaving, I'm going to be, I'm going to be leaving fairly soon. because I feel like I have learned a great deal about this

 software in this sixteen minute period of time.  and I'm waiting for this Splatoon for this to actually show up on the window. oh, it's not it's not there, oh because it moved! it wasn't just on this Splatoon, it was on, yeah. oh that- okay so now I'm watching Splatoon and I go back to the live stream and see what that looks like. it's like hey it's broken. it's just not doing anything

 nothing at all, it's broken. I broke it, how did it did I break it?

now there it is there's oh it's just that laggy. Wow. oh, it just took that long before the stream caught up. yeah, that's pretty laggy. that's not great, that's not great, I don't know why my stream health is so bad. Okay, well anyway thank you guys for helping me with my difficulties. and sorry about sorry about the current infinite regression of screens.

Yes, I do wish to remove. No, I removed me! I removed me!

that's not what I meant to do, no capture image, you this one this one, I would like to remove. Remove, remove the chat. remove everything except for this thing that it says I don't know what I'm doing, because that is that that is the truth of the matter okay. um okay I'm gonna keep working on this, and uh I don't know, I don't know, maybe I just, maybe I need to be running this on my fast computer, and I need run this on my faster computer, and maybe with the faster internet and it would have been better.

but thank you all for your help and have a lovely day where the button to turn it off stop streaming. Oh-