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Just trying out livestream stuff for the P4A
(mouse clicking noises) (1:02)

Hank: I don't know if you can hear me, either. (more clicking noises) It says I'm live. I don't know if this is... how do I make video happen? (text blinks on and off) OK cool. Video? Video.

Webcam. Media source. You can hear me, ok well that's good.

Window catcher? OK. Oh, I can show you the various windows I have open, that's not what I want.

That's not what I want. Doesn't help me. Uhm... (sings) do-do-do-do doo.

Video capture device? Add... create new, ok. Device.

Facetime HD camera, OK. (2:15) (video appears, Hank gasps) Oh, am I doing it? Heey, there I am. Why isn't it-- that's weird. (laughs) I don't understand why it's big-- hey!

Alright, it's showing up on the thing, too. Uhm. That doesn't look half bad.

So, and then you can switch between scenes, so I can switch back to my text? Nope, I can't. No, I go THIS.

Ah, I see. Oh interesting, interesting, ok. OK, I'm getting it. (2:55) Uhm, so, okay...

What if I wanted to add... What do I want to add? Audio output, audio input, video, image-- I can add an image...

I can create an image-- okay, I created an image. Image, file, browse. I'm gonna find an image.

It's thinking about this. Let's see if I can find a transparent PNG so I can see if that-- if that works. Oh wow, it's having a bit of a hard time.  Uhm, (Hank scat sings briefly) ...trying to find some kind of thing to put on the thing.

Well, that looks promising. Let's try that. (Games with Hank graphic appears). Ooh, okay.

Well, that showed up (Games with Hank graphic is adjusted) If you think this is the return of Games with Hank, my friends, it is not. This is just-- this is just an image I found... that I can can then put-- (Hank boop) Let's see if transparent PNGs work. I can just add another image.

I don't know why I'm doing this publicly with you all chatting at me and being, like, "What a dork!" Uh and-- and "Why is he trying to figure this out?" Media source, create new media. Oh there are unsaved changes. Don't save?

I don't know. Local files, browse.. Wait-- wait, there's a way to do non-local files?

What-- what kind of non-local file would I use? Like a YouTube video? (clicking noises) This (Hank scat sings briefly) (Hank hums to the tune of Indiana Jones) (more clinking noises) Would that work? (5:15)