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Just trying out livestream stuff for the P4A
(mouse clicking noises)

(1:02) Hank: I don't know if you can hear me, either. (more clicking noises) It says I'm live. I don't know if this is... how do I make video happen? (text blinks on and off) OK cool. Video? Video. Webcam. Media source. You can hear me, ok well that's good. Window catcher? OK.

Oh, I can show you the various windows I have open, that's not what I want. That's not what I want. Doesn't help me. Uhm... (sings) do-do-do-do doot. Video capture device? Add... create new, ok. Device. Facetime HD camera, OK.

(2:15) (video appears, Hank gasps) Oh, am I doing it? Heey, there I am. Why isn't it-- that's weird. (laughs) I don't understand why it's bigg-- hey! Alright, it's showing up on the thing, too. Uhm. That doesn't look half bad. So, and then you can switch between scenes, so I can switch back to my text? Nope, I can't. No, I go THIS. Ah, I see. Oh interesting, interesting, ok. OK, I'm getting it.