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Eight Things from Hank Green! I got a new dog, I want a water bed with fish in it, and the winners of the Helping Haiti Heal Raffle are ANNOUNCED!!!


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Good morning, John; it occurs to me that there are a lot of things that I haven't told you about in my life. So I'm gonna make a video in which we catch up.

 Thing Number One

You may remember a while back that Katherine and I were fostering a greyhound in the hopes that we would get to keep her.
However, when the people at the adoption agency came by to see how she was doing, and saw the way that she was... looking at our cat (which is apparently the way I look at, y'know, I look at a quarter-pound double stack with cheese from Wendy's) they said that that particular dog would have to find a home that did not have little furry friends living in it. Which has already happened, and that wonderful dog has a wonderful home down the valley.

So Katherine and I had to wait for a bunch of time for a new shipment of retired racing greyhounds to come into Missoula, which they did, and we adopted this lovely dog who is extremely sweet. Her track name was Tina Fey and we have named her Lemon. And she's sleeping right next to me right now. Here she is! She likes to be as close to us as possible.

 Thing Number Two

Retired racing greyhounds are really great dogs. And if you're in the market for a new dog, you should check and see if there is an adoption agency that specializes in greyhounds nearby you because there are a lot of greyhounds that retire from tracks and are not able to get adopted into homes.

 Thing Number Three

After Lemon poops, she just, she's the happiest, she's - it's the happiest time of her day, which makes me very nostalgic for the days in which I used to enjoy... pooping. But on a good note, I have been feeling much better lately and have managed to get a new prescription for a new kind of drug which is like half as much as the old one.
The price of my drugs went from $385 a month to $458 a month by the end of this year. One year. That is a huge increase. But now there's this new drug, which is like half the cost, hopefully they won't keep raising the price of that a hundred percent every year.

 Thing Number Four

I really hate it when I'm watching a show in my computer on full screen and then the show fades to black and then suddenly I can see my reflection in the monitor. I see that slack, dull face just staring at itself, I just wanna snap out of it and go do something with my life but then I know that I can't because, y'know, I'm in the middle of a show.

 Thing Number Five

Katherine brought this up the other day and I just wanna bring it, the idea, to light: why don't we have waterbeds that double as aquariums?

 Thing Number Six

One time, I left the pot of ramen noodles boiling, and then all the water boiled away, and then the ramen noodles caught on fire.

 Thing Number Seven

We might think that the Super Bowl is a big deal here in America. But: Hockey, by percentages, is a much bigger deal in Canada, where around eighty percent of the population watched the final Olympic Hockey game. Air Canada had to delay a flight because the passengers refused to get on board while the hockey game was still going on.
And check out this graph of Edmonton's water use during the Olympic Hockey Final. Ahh, yeah, that's a lot of people not peeing, and then having to pee.

 Thing Number Eight

The winners of the Harry Potter Alliance Helping Haiti Heal raffle have been announced. So if you participated in that raffle, you will have received an email saying that you won a thing if you won a thing. But the Nerdfighter related prizes were:
A song by me about you was won by Samantha. Samantha, I'm gonna write a song about you.
Signed copies of all my CD's was won by Samuel in Pennsylvania.
The John Green three book package was won by Flower Child Headbands (which I'm sure is probably exactly what it sounds like).
And a one thousand word short story written by a New York Times Bestselling Author on the topic of your choosing was won by Nancy from San Francisco.
We will be contacting all of you soon. Congratulations! Helping Haiti Heal! Five planes, full of aid supplies are already on their way. You didn't forget to be awesome. John, I will see you on Monday.