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Shower thoughts have become one of my new favorite things as in don’t we know that saying tuna fish is like saying chicken bird and the roof of the mouth is more like the ceiling of your mouth? The internet is alive with these clever messages from the mind. This video is a collection of my very own, Dr. Doe-made sex in the shower, thoughts.

***I wanted to note that the first one actually is from a sexplaneteer who asked a similar question, last year. Matthew (the videographer in training) and I have plans to do a short film/Sexplanations about this very sentiment : I could wear male nipple pasties and go shirtless...

OH and here are some links for those of you who don't get annotations:

NSFW Shower Thoughts:

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*clears throat*

Lindsey: If I wore pasties of male nipples, would I be able to go shirtless in public?

Did the person who coined the word "vagina" think the word "vagina" was sexy?


I once moved through a vagina. My entire body fit in a vagina. And some places have a problem with fisting.

If the first two things seen under a microscope were white blood cells and sperm, who provided the samples? Leeuwenhoek, the inventor, Johann Hamm the research assistant? Or???

If Elon Musk designed condoms, would they still like condoms? And would they cost less, run longer, and go further than other condoms?

Does President Obama have sex talks with his daughters? And are they medically accurate?

Where's the line between food energizing you for sex and food making you too lethargic to perform?

Can you imagine being the first person to give birth to twins? I'm trying to tell you there's still something in here!

If these are called lips and these are called lips, then shouldn't vulva-vulva contact be called kissing?

Do other animals think it's weird when human beings mate? Do they point and gawk? Is it odd to them that sometimes we're face to face?

Were viruses like, "Oh, yeah, I'm going to be the one who transmits via boogers and shaking hands," and another one says, "Oh, good, I'm gonna get to be the one who transmits via orgasm." Just so we're clear, you can get STIs without orgasm.

If Adam and Eve weren't ashamed before they ate the forbidden fruit, then why are they wearing leaves on their genitals? And did they wear shoes or sunscreen?

Why do we say have sex, make love? Couldn't it be have love, make sex? I was made for making sex. Most of us were made from sex!

Did orgasm always feel good? Or did orgasmic pleasure evolve to keep us motivated?

There have got to be answers to some of these thoughts, which is why I... stay curious!

After I put this video together, I found this series of NSFW shower thoughts that are animated. I'm going to tease you and leave it unannotated here until I get through three announcements.

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