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We're answering your questions about coronavirus and Covid-19. Click on the timecode below to go straight to a question.

01:49 How should healthcare professionals clean masks?
2:29 Was this virus made in a lab?
2:57 Does COVID-19 cause lasting heart and lung damage?
3:44 Does donating blood make me susceptible?
4:41 What's the latest on how long the virus survives on surfaces?
5:46 Can COVID infect animals? Can they pass it to humans?
6:39 How many days after symptoms have ended is it OK to go out for essential needs?
7:36 Is there any way to influence risk factors? Besides not smoking.
8:17 What should I ask elected officials to do?
9:41 If I've had no symptoms, should I leave if I live in a hotspot?
10:43 What's your advice on screen time limits?
12:29 Any advice to help essential food workers stay safe?
13:37 Any advice about how to handle shared custody?
14:13 When will it be safe to travel again?
14:53 Should I wait to start a diet until after the pandemic?
15:49 Should people using topical immunosuppressants be concerned?
16:04 My lease is ending and I need to move. Is it too risky to hire movers?
16:48 Is it safe to buy things from China?
17:34 Are experimental vaccines being rushed through testing risky?
18:13 What makes us think we can develop a vaccine in 12-18 months?
19:53 Why can't we use antiviral drugs?
20:16 what are my palliative care options at home?
20:35 How do I treat my anxiety at a time like this?
21:07 I can work from home, but how can I get anything done when the world is collapsing?
22:33 Should I feel guilty for ordering stuff from the comfort of my home?

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