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The crew finds more fruit and Brittany STILL doesn't want to share it.
Hank Green: Hello, and welcome to Hank Green plays Pikmin 3.  If you haven't been watching, the basic story is that I have landed on a planet that is not my own to try and find food for my planet, which is apparently starving.  Food, of course, is fruit juice, and I have lost my captain and we're trying to find him, unfortunately, there is a giant moth bat in the way.  That's the whole story.  Well, there's more to it.  There's also these Pikmin things, they're awesome, and, yes, I've deci-I don't know why that took me so long.  Yeah, that's the numbers that I really, you know, I know what I need.  What is that, what is that, is that a cherry up there?  Can I get--?  You got it!  Yeah!  Cherry!  It's like a rainier(?), that's a good looking cherry.  Alright.  Alright, now we're gonna, we're gonna go back to where we were before.  Where was that?  Up here, was that it?  Yeah, I guess so.  

Alright, we're on the march.  March, march, march, Pikmin, march.  Why are there only 98 in my squad if there's a hundred in the field?  They must be back at the other place, though, it's fine, I've already lost two Pikmin.  I'm so bad at game.  Is there going to be enemies again?  What?  Oh, where did I go?  

Where am I?  I saw that there's a--but there's a kiwi up here.  Probably.  Yeah, a kiwi.  Aw, shoot.  Everybody, everybody here?  Got you all?  Okay.  I had to get the kiwi.  Pffft.  Terrible.  Whatever.  New fruit recovered!  Alright.  I don't know why I didn't get that fruit before, but I didn't.  But we're gonna go home and we're gonna grab all the Pikmin that we just sent away 'cause we need them.  What are you doing over there?  Terrible.  Okay.  Two more.  Okay, all of us are here now.  Now where is this place that I was at?  Not there.  This way?  No.  Where was it?  Over here?  Yeah, I see a lemon, too, we're going to go towards the lemon.  What's wrong?  Oh, my dog's name is Lemon.  Yeah.  I like how this game uses depth of field to make you feel like everything is very small.  It works.  Yes.  Yeah, this isn't where I thought I was going, I mean, it's important to get fruits though.  

What is THAT?  Stop!  No, stop, oh my God!  It's possible that I did that.  I almost threw it in the water.  Oh jeez.  Oh jeez.  Analyzing...what do we got?  The S.S. Drake wants to talk!

What's it want to say?  What do we got?  Commencing analysis of recovered plant.  This is not just a normal fruit, apparently.  What do we got?  It's an ultra spicy berry!  Large amounts of ultra-spicy essence detected.  Unsuitable for consumption by crew members.  But what about Pikmin, do they like it?  But perhaps it could be useful in some--okay.  No, they're not very smart.  Oh jeez, I don't even wanna deal with you right now, dude.  

Trying to switch people, but it's not letting me.  Why can't I switch?  Oh.  I guess that makes sense.  What are you guys doing?  I'm so confused right now.  Oh.  Apparently, I didn't get all the ultra-spicy berries.  Maybe it made more.  Get it, it's right there you guys.  Get it.  I don't know, why aren't they getting it?  Maybe if I get enough of them up there, they will force each other onto it?  Oh my God.  There they go, yay, yay.  Let's not leave them up there, that would be a tragedy.  Aw jeez.  Alright.  Analyzing...what else do we got here?  Yeah, I got it.  This is a sufficient nect--oh, this is ultra-spicy nectar.  This nectar is used as a pick-me-up spray.  Using ultra-ultra-spicy spray, press the up button to use ultra-spicy spray and invigorate the Pikmin in your squad.  Okay.  It can also be obtained from other sources than berries, explorers can collect it directly when they find it.  Explorers can automatically collect it when they find it.  Okay.  

I don't know, let's find out, you seem to be super interested in that.  Whoaaa, you guys just became invigorated!  The Pikmin are really fired up now.  It gives them extra energy.  Permanently?  Or just temporarily?  I hope this is temporary, 'cause it's kind of annoying.  Alright, everybody, including you, get down here.  Alright.  Oh, I don't have any ultra-spicy spray.  'Cause I used it, 'cause you told me to use it.  That's, I find that annoying.  Alright, good job, everybody, but I'm kind of disappointed that this day is a bit of a wash.  The Pikmin like to be spiced, everybody.  Alright, let's kill this thing.  

And there's a freaking thing under there that I can get?  Get it, you guys.  Dig it up.  I feel like I didn't do very much today.  Um, I'm kind of stuck now.  What is this?  Are you guys barking?  Was that for a one?  Jeez.  That's not worth it.  Oh, where are they?  They're so mysterious, Pikmin, always getting stuck places.  There's one.  Why are you over there?  They're up on the top of the thing, where the thing was.  Hmm.  It's over there by the lemon, Katherine.  Oh man.  Yeah, I couldn't get the lemon because I need water Pikmin to get it.  Oh well, I guess I'll get these guys and then I'll just end my day.  Oh wow, that spicy stuff grows back really fast.  There's one here, holding a berry, and then there's a bunch up there.  You guys get some berries?  Since, you know, we're doing this thing?  They can't climb, don't be ridiculous!  Okay, the ultra-spicy spray, by the way, Katherine, invigorated them.  It made them very excited and excitable.  Uh, yes, I think that it would make them fight quite well.  But, unfortunately, I used it at a time when there was absolutely no, nothing to fight.  Fight quite well.  I think it will make them fight quite well.   

Alright, everybody, get up into the thing.  We got some fruits, so we can't say we didn't do anything today, fruits is important, but the captain is still being, just, you know, attacked by a behemoth moth, what was it called, moth bot?  Oh, behemoth moth-bat?  Pretty sure I said that right.  Alright, going to space, 'cause it's safe up there.  Seems like you're using a lot of fuel to get on and off this planet.  Look at all these new fruits I got.  This is another Cupid's Grenade.  That looks delicious, I will have one, please, thank you.  A Disguised Delicacy.  I don't know, man, that was like a, that was weird, it was like 3/4.  Yeah.  I'm confused.  And we got a Dapper Blob.  Oh, I expected the juice to be a different color.  Yeah, I'm surprised by the amount of juice--ten types of fruit!  Don't you even mess with me!  Oh!  Oh!  

Yeah!  Alright with the dark thoughts, there.  Yeah, I got it, I know what's up.  How did daytime go?  Yeah, now we're roughly equal with the red and the yellows, things are looking up.  Oh, Brittony has some things to say.  We've been able to juice the fruit on this planet for use in our daily food supply.  It has been quite effective in furnishing us with the necessary nutrients as well as giving us juice smiles.  The fruit supply on this planet is so abundant that it seems virtually limitless.  We need to collect as much as we can as quickly as we can.  Okay, I'll just ignore the captain, then.  

Thank you for watching this episode of Hank Green plays Pikmin 3, you will not see me and I will not see you, but you hear me next time, goodbye!