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Lizzie: My name is Lizzie Bennet, and I have never seen Jane like this.

[intro plays]

Lizzie: I mean, in reality, I haven't seen Jane at all since she found out Bing left town without telling her. She hasn't left her room in two whole days. The only reason I know she's still alive is because she keeps pinning sad pictures on Pinterest. And Mom's even worse. Since she found out why Jane hasn't left her room, she hasn't left the couch. I have never heard a grown woman wail so intensely. Leave it to my mother to make something that's not really about her completely about her. [holds up props] I'm sorry, it... It really doesn't feel right.

You know, in a way I'm glad that Jane's locked herself up in her room. She doesn't need to deal with Mom's grief on top of her own. She needs to deal with this however she wants. However that may be.

[Jane enters]

Jane: Hi Lizzie! Hi everyone!

​Lizzie: Uh, Jane! You're... you're happy! Uh, that's great! That's great, right?

Jane: Why wouldn't I be happy, Lizzie? It's a beautiful day outside. Uh, I have a great job, I'm alive, your're a alive, our whole family's alive. There are people--there are kids, starving in Africa and I'm not one of them so, you know, that's a plus. Everything is grand!

​Lizzie: Okay grand, yeah! Um... I--I... I sort of thought you were upset.

Jane: Upset? Why would I be upset?

​Lizzie: Um, about Bing?

Jane: Oh! Oh god, no. No. Bing? No. Not at all. That's... No. No.

​Lizzie: O...kay. But you didn't even leave your room for two days.

Jane: That? Oh, no, I was crafting. I did a lot of crafts, and I actually made you this. Look, I embroidered an "L" for Lizzie, or love, or life, or...

​Lizzie: Oh.

Jane: ...anything you want.

Lizzie: Thank you. Thank you.

Jane: Isn't it cute? Look at the trees.

Lizzie: Yeah. Um. Jane are you sure you don't want to talk about anything? Because I can do this later.

Jane: No. No! Lizzie, no. I'm fine. I'm fine. I love your videos, and I really would love to help you out with this one right now, actually. Not in my room alone by myself with my thoughts and all that stuff. So... I just would love to hear about everything that is going on with you. What's up, Lizzie?

Lizzie: Um...

Jane: What's up?

Lizzie: Uh... Okay... uh...

Jane: How's--how's George?

Lizzie: Uh... good.

Jane: Good?

Lizzie: George is good. He called me right after I posted my last video. Um, turns out he didn't make it to Bing's party because a friend of his got sick and he had to take him to the hospital, and then when he was in the ER, his phone got stolen, so--

Jane: Let's reenact it.

Lizzie: What?

Jane: Costume theater.

Lizzie: But, um, I mean that's the whole story.

Jane: It'll be fun! Let's do it. Why not?

Lizzie: O...kay.

[in costume]

Lizzie as George: Hey Lizzie. I'm sorry I bailed on the party the other night. A friend of mine got really sick and I had to take him to the ER.

Jane as Lizzie: Why didn't you call?

Lizzie as George: Uh, well, I guess in the waiting room I dropped my phone, and someone took it.

Jane as Lizzie: Really. That's the best you can come up with.

Lizzie as George: Uh, that's what happened.

Jane: You just waited for days to say anything. You didn't email, you didn't do anything to let me know that you just left? I made you snickerdoodles.

Lizzie: Jane...

Jane: You just left, and you didn't say anything except that you were going to be in Los Angeles for a while. And I don't know what you're thinking, and I don't know what I did, and I don't know... why you won't have just like a real conversation with me. I just...

Lizzie: Oh hey, honey, hey. No. Oh, it's going to be okay. Everything's okay.

Jane: Sorry... I'm fine. That's so not me. I'm fine, I'm fine. Fine.

Lizzie: No, you're not. And that's okay--you're not a robot, you're my sister. You don't have to be fine right now. And if I could find Bing Lee and smash him over the head with a frying pan to knock some sense into him, I would.

Jane: Oh, violence doesn't ever solve anything.

Lizzie: See? There you are.

Jane: Yeah. He's clearly made up his mind, and um, it doesn't involve living here, it doesn't involve me, and apparently it doesn't involve anything more than having a short, cryptic conversation.

Lizzie: D'you want some tea? Maybe you should go to him.

Jane: Uh, no. No, I don't think so.

Lizzie: Why not? It's the 21st century. We are strong, proactive women. We know he's in Los Angeles--

Jane: That doesn't matter.

Lizzie: Yes, it does. Either... Either make him realize what a huge, huge mistake he's made, or--or at least make him give you some closure. I mean, you deserve that. What he did to you wasn't fair. Make him make it right. Promise me that you will at least think about it.

Jane: Okay. I promise I'll think about it. Here, why don't you finish up, okay?

Lizzie: And I'm going to cut out all of this, don't worry.

Jane: No. No, um, leave it in. If Caroline still watches these, maybe, um...

Lizzie: Okay. Sure. Whatever you want.

Jane: Thank you, Lizzie. Love you.

[Jane leaves]

Lizzie: Sorry, I've been trying to think of some way to end this video, and I can't think of anything to say other than Jane just had her heart broken by someone I thought was a really good guy. I don't know, maybe I'm not such a good judge of character after all.

And this isn't about me, at all. I just want Jane to be happy. But I know that Bing makes her happy--so happy. And... I just don't understand how he could do this to her. Caroline's been cryptic too. [reading from phone] "Sorry we left so suddenly, but I'll see you soon. XOXO"

Thought we were friends. A little explanation would be nice. At least Darcy left with them. I don't know, I don't have a good ending for this video. So, bye. You know, that thing people are supposed to say when they leave.

Jane: Hey Lizzie?

Lizzie: Jane?

Jane: Hey. Okay. So, I've been giving a lot of thought to what you said, about going to talk to Bing.

Lizzie: And you're going to do it?

Jane: Mhm. Um, so the company I work for had an assistant merchant position open up in LA, and I'm going to transfer.

Lizzie: Wait, what?

Jane: Yeah. It's good. Um, my boss and I actually talked about this before, and I just think that this would be a really, really good move for my career right now.

Lizzie: Uh, great!

Jane: Yeah.

Lizzie: That's... that's great!

Jane: Yeah.

Lizzie: I'm--I'm so happy for you!

Jane: Yeah, I'm going to go tell mom and Lydia, but I just wanted to come and say thank you. Okay.

Lizzie: That's... great.