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Kemosabe the prehensile tailed porcupine, gets regular visits from his veterinarian to check on the length and health of his teeth. This time it doesn't go as planned. Also includes several other animals who needed vet attention as well.

*Warning: non-invasive medical procedure, tiny bit of blood

Extended conversation with Dr. Card:

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Jessi: Hey! I'm Jessi and we're back at Animal Wonders. Today we're going to have a visit from our veterinarian, Dr. Card.  A few of our animals needed a checkup and we're so glad that Dr. Card does house calls.

I always get a little bit nervous before a vet visit, so, hopefully, this one goes smoothly.

*intro music*

Dr. Card made it here! Thank you for coming. What is the plan for Kemosabe today?

Dr. Card: I understand he's got one tooth that's kind of changed color and is looking different then it has in the past, so we're going to see if that tooth is loose, and if it's loose then it probably has an abscess up around its root and we're going to pull that whole tooth out.

If the tooth is not loose, it's just a different color, it may be that he has bruised that tooth. So if the tooth isn't loose, it's just a different color then we're probably just going to trim it the way that we normally do.

Jessi:  I'm hoping it goes smoothly and we can figure out what's going on and... fully trust Dr. Card, and let's see how this goes. Good luck Kemosabe.

[to Kemosabe] Hi buddy. I know.  Are you ready for this?

Dr. Card: This is just an intramuscular injection, and the trick with Kemosabe is to get it through his quills and into a good muscle mass.  There we go!

Jessi:  That was easy. Right in there. Now we're going to put that over him so he can just ignore us.

Alright!  So while he's sleeping lets go ahead and check on some other animals.

Dr. Card:  Yeah, so Cheeks has a runny eye there and you can see the matting of the fur around the eye.  One of the causes of runny eyes in rabbits is actually teeth problems

Jessi: Yep.

Dr Card: Cheeks' teeth look fine.  It's possible that we just have an infection in the tear duct that is not related to teeth, so what I'm going to have you try with, uh, Cheeks, is I'm going to have you, um, come by the clinic and get some eye drops

Jessi: Ok

Dr. Card: Uh, to go in there, that is both an antibiotic and an anti-inflamitory.

Jessi:  Alright, obviously Kemosabe is not down yet I'd like - 

Dr. Card: We can still hear him

Jessi: (Laughs) Yeah. I'd like you to check our new guinea pig, Olive.

Dr. Card: Ok

Jessi: We just got olive a month ago and we don't know her history very well.

Dr. Card: She looks like she's maybe a little bit older guinea pig. The skin on her feet is not very healthy.  That, uh, is often nutrition related, so guinea pigs need vitamin C just like people, and they need a lot of vitamin C. I would recommend that she be on a vitamin C supplement.

Jessi: Do you think that we can put her in with our other guinea pig?

Dr. Card: I don't see any discharge from her eyes or nose.

Jessi: She hasn't been sneezing.

Dr. Card: And you've had her for six weeks. 

Jessi: Mhmm

Dr. Card: So then, yes. I think she would be safe to go in with your other guinea pig. 

Jessi: [to Olive] You get to go in with your friends now!

Dr. Card: Looks great.

Jessi: He knows what to do! [laughs]

Dr. Card: Yeah, that looks great.

Jessi: Good job, girl. 

[to parrot] There you go. Your beak is just a little too long. Yeah, let's go get that trimmed. 

Good girl. Good girl.