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Shira: Hey, Shira Lazar coming to you backstage at VidCon with Shane Daaawsoon. That's like my whole intro for you.

Shane: Oh, o o o.

Shira: Shaaane Dawson.

Shane: Yes, it's crazy. Look how crazy it is back here!

Shira: Wow, no, the fans are everywhere! They're like, just hanging off the ceilings.

Shane: Britney Louise Taylor is totally wasted in the corner.

Shira: Oh, she's here for moral support.

Shane: Yes she is.

Shira: So you were just onstage. How was it? Because this is the first ever VidCon conference of it's kind.

Shane: It was, uh, terrifying, but then awesome because then, you know, the kids were so -well not just kids- but everybody was so excited and pumped and nice and all the questions were funny, and they all had that quick wit.

Shira: They're smart. They're learning from all of you, on YouTube.

Shane: Uh oh.

Shira: That's kinda sad

Shane: Yeah it is.

Shira: Why were you nervous?

Shane: I always get nervous doing stuff like that, just 'cause I don't wanna let anybody down, you know?

Shira: Well, it's interesting because you do so much work on camera, and still, in person, in real life it's a totally different situation.

Shane: Totally different, and I never know how far to take stuff. Or, how can I joke with kids that way? I don't know. I did, though.

Shira: Is it interesting to meet your audience in real life?

Shane: Yeah, because it puts a face to it all. Because I see the numbers every week, but i don't see the faces. And when you see the faces of the people that are so excited and, it kinda changes everything.

Shira: It does. So tell people your story that might not know how you got started.

Shane: Basically, I started YouTube because I wasn't getting any jobs in Hollywood as an actor. And I thought maybe I could do something online, myself, sketch comedy. And, I don't know, I got fired from my job and I just had to focus on something to keep my happiness up.

Shira: Sanity, probably.

Shane: Sanity? Yeah, sanity. Keep my sanity. And then it kind of took off and now it's giving me a purpose, you know?

Shira: What was that one video where really you saw that change happen?

Shane: It was a video called 'Why was I born?'. And it was a video about suicide, and it was kind of a touchy thing but it was still funny. And that was when I started gaining the hardcore supporters because, you know, I don't think anybody had done anything that relatable and connecting at the time on YouTube. So, I'd say that.

Shira: Well you do a lot of comedy there too. Do you think that, what do you think your videos, like what do you try to keep them about? What's your message?

Shane: I always have to have some kind of a point, you know?

Shira: Yeah.

Shane: Even the crazy, dirty stuff I have to have kind of a moral or a message 'cause then I can get away with the crazy, dirty stuff. So I think the message is just, you know, sticking to yourself and going for your dreams, as cheesy as that sounds.

Shane: And also not compromising who you are for other people. You know, don't give into peer pressure and all that crap because in the end it's just... you.

Shira: Yeah. And how do you keep it going? You're now in LA, you moved, right? Well no, you were already here.

Shane: I was like, in Long Beach.

Shira: Where are you from originally?

Shane: Long Beach.

(Both laugh) Shane: About thirty minutes.

Shira: No, but still.

Shane: It's a lot different, but, it's not that far. It's not like, everybody thinks I'm from Ohio. I don't know why, but.

Shira: Well, because a lot of people start from the middle of nowhere where they don't really have a big community, at all.

Shane: True. Yeah, so I was from Long Beach and then I came here to like the Sherman Oaks are and North Hollywood area.

Shira: What do your parents think of what you do?

Shane: My mom is happy because it's given her a new life, kind of. 'Cause she lost her job too and now I got her a house and some dogs and, it's kind of just given everybody a new start.

Shira: That's amazing. So there is business, because that's a thing that people don't realize. There is obviously a whole business surrounding this, and people are making their living off of YouTube. It's a legitimate industry.

Shane: It's, you know, 'cause my goal was to make a living off of being an actor and that just wasn't happening. But this is such a more awesome thing, 'cause to me it's not a character. To me, with my audience. So it's just, it's cool. It's a cool way to make a living.

Shira: Well you do do characters, right?

Shane: Yeah, I've a lot. Like, ten characters, I think, maybe more.

Shira: So what are your favorites?

Shane: My favorite is probably Aunt Hilda. She's Jewish. Aren't you Jewish? You just told me that.

Shira: I am. Yes.

Shane: So she's Jewish- well she's Jewish- I guess she's Jewish. She's like Jersey (jersey accent) she talks like this.

Shira: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Shane: (Normal voice) I don't know what that is. Her and Shanay-nay and, um, my nerd character, probably. 'Cause they're all people I've known in real life. And now I kinda get to mess with them and imitate them.

Shira: And you also do Miley Cyrus. Which you said you wore a shirt like this.

Shane: Yes. This is the same exact shirt I wore when Miley Cyrus threw up on me in my video (laughs)

Shira: Awesome. Do you have them contact you? When you make fun of them, at all?

Shane: Um, no, but I know they like it. I mean, I've heard from people that they- I mean, come on. It's publicity, and it's fun, and it's not mean-spirited. Well, maybe a little bit. Maybe Miley's not too happy about it.

Shira: Until she meets you, she's like 'Put me in your video now!'

Shane: (Weird accent) She's like 'Shane, you need to put me in this video'

Shira: That's so...

Shane: It's her, right?

Shira: Yeah. I was-

Shane: It's like you're standing here with her.

Shira: I was feeling that. I was seeing Miley.

Shane: (Weird voice) Is that my shirt?

(Both laugh)

Shira: So, what tips can you give people who wanna follow in your footsteps?

Shane: If you're gonna make videos, make them for you, and hopefully people will start watching. But if you're making them trying to be something you're not... you're just gonna fail because you're just gonna get bored and tired and burn out. So just do what you think is funny or interesting. And... out it up.

Shira: How do you keep it consistent? Do you ever get tired, or want to disconnect?

Shane: Never disconnect, but, tired a lot. Like, especially lately, I'm kinda worn out. But I'm still doing it. I mean, it's always a rush when you put the video up, though. And it gives us enough adrenaline for the rest of the week.

Shira: So what's next? I hear you maybe in some... a movie? Maybe? No, you're like 'I don't know'. Wait, what's next for you? What are you hoping to do with all of this?

Shane: I'm definitely hoping to somehow transcend to television. Obviously with my format and my sketch show. That would be awesome. Movies would be great, but right now, I think I wanna play myself. Because I think that's what's working. And maybe down the line play some movie roles.

Shira: Well, a lot to look forward to. It's such a big audience. There's so much opportunity, right?

Shane: Yeah, and they're all so cool and so supportive, so I'm very very blessed. Very lucky.

Shira: Yay! Well, cheers. Thank you, so much. And thanks to all of you for watching. Wanna say goodbye?

Shane: See you guys later.

Shira: Bye!

Shane: Have fun?