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In which Hank Green and a sock puppet announce the most important media event of the century.
Hank Green: Good morning, John, I am Hank, and this is Hanksock, a sock version of me.

Hanksock: Hello.

Hank: And Hanksock and I are here to tell you some very exciting news. News that will change Nerdfighteria, possibly all of YouTube, and maybe the entire world.

Hanksock: Hmm? Whoa.

Hank: Yeah.

Hanksock: Yeah.

Hank: Yeah.

Hanksock: Yeah.

Hank: Uh-huh.

Hanksock: Tell us about it!

Hank: Okay! My bad! The news is that I guess a couple of months ago, John and I decided that we were really interested in the possibility of getting a real life online video conference happening in order to get all of the best online video creators together in the same place and the communities that support those groups in order to get like an entire epic gigantic weekend of fun and growing the community and doing awesome things.

Hanksock: That's your big news?

Hank: Yeah. That's... that's my -- I mean, the news is that we're actually gonna do it and it's gonna be this summer in Los Angeles from July 9th to July 11th.

Hanksock: Your big news is that a bunch of you and your nerdy friends are gonna get together, drink Juicy Juices and hang out and talk about nerdy stuff?

Hank: Well... I mean, Hanksock, I don't think that you understand that online video is like a really huge deal.

Hanksock: Well, I got an ingrown toenail. That's a really huge deal, but I'm not makin' a conference about it.

Hank: Um. I'm having a really hard time figuring out how you could have an ingrown toenail.

Hanksock: Well. Yeah. It's complicated.

Hank: Uh... Anyway. Online video is a really huge deal now, I mean, we've got people on YouTube who have bigger audience than like, Oprah or Anderson Cooper, I mean, more people get their news from Phillip DeFranco than get their news from Anderson Cooper.

Hanksock: Well, that's just depressing.

Hank: Yeah, and I'm pretty sure Anderson Cooper's got his eye on us, actually. But seriously, Hanksock, online video is an entirely new medium that's creating new genres and really active, engaged, and large communities of people. Believe it or not, there are probably going to be like 100,000 people watching this video that we're making right now.

Hanksock: Hmmm?

Hank: Yeah!

Hanksock: Wuh... how's my hair?

Hank: Um. Your hair is... surprisingly sparkly, I never noticed that your hair was sparkly.

Hanksock: Yeah, I use product.

Hank: (laughs)

Hanksock: What?

Hank: Nothing. Don't worry about it.

Hanksock: So, who's gonna be there?

Hank: Uh, well, a lot of people are gonna be there, people from Nerdfighteria all the way from Charlieissocoollike to WheezyWaiter, but also people from all over the world of online video. We've got Michael Buckley, Dave Days, Shay Carl, Brittani Louise Taylor, Ray William Johnson, David Choi, Rhett and Link, Mitchell Davis, me, my brother, Julia Nunes, Natalie Tran, I can't believe we have freaking Natalie Tran, Shane Dawson.

Hanksock: Shane Dawson?

Hank: Yeah, Shane Dawson!

Hanksock: I love that guy!

Hank: Yeah, I know, I love him, too.

Both: Feel better, Shane!

Hank: But these people are responsible for some of the most vibrant and engaged communities in all of media and together, they get hundreds of millions of views per year.

Hanksock: Wow. That's actually impressive.

Hank: I know, man, so, so do you wanna come now?

Hanksock: Hmm... wuh... I'll see what I can do.

Hank: Uh, well, okay, but, but, I mean, what John and I want to do is create an opportunity to take what we see as one of the coolest things happening in the world today and bring it into the real world. The success of these projects isn't based on like, million dollar marketing budgets or, or like flawless writing or, or the ungodly beauty of the people who started them.

Hanksock: Well, that's for sure.

Hank: Yeah, thanks. But it's based in what I think is the raw ability to entertain and people who are able to bring people into their communities so that they watch every new video that gets put out, not just when they light their face on fire or capture a particularly adorable cat moment.

Hanksock: God, I love that cat.

Hank: Yeah, I know, I love that cat, too. But the cat's not gonna be there, we couldn't get the cat for the conference, but there are going to be many of the most successful people in online video, and that list that I gave you earlier isn't even a complete list, and we're gonna have demonstrations and we're gonna have talks and performances by these people, we're gonna have concerts and dance parties and we're gonna have all kinds of crazy things that we can't even think of yet, and we're gonna ask the community to present ideas for us.

Hanksock: Like karaoke?

Hank: Karaoke is a very good idea, thank you, that's an excellent idea!

Hanksock: I want a ball pit.

Hank: A ball pit? Yes! A ball pit is another great idea! Do you have other ideas?

Hanksock: How about a booth where Charlie McDonnell sits and he bites peoples' fingers so that they can say, "Ouch, ouch, Charlie"?

Hank: (laughs) I will talk to Charlie about that. I have a couple more things to say if you just let me talk for a little while.

Hanksock: Yeah, whatever.

Hank: Okay, um, there's gonna be an insider track, that's gonna be basically for people who are really into YouTube and want to like, get down on the down and dirty specifics of creating community on YouTube and the business and the future of YouTube, but, and it is gonna cost money, it's--the registration is gonna cost money because these things cost a lot of money to put on. It's gonna be at the Hyatt Century Regency Plaza, which is a hotel in Western Los Angeles from July 9th to July 12th. If you want to find out more, there's lots more information on the website, which is at, and you can check out our Twitter feed at, and our YouTube channel, of course, And you can subscribe to all those things and you will stay super up to date on what's going on with VidCon. Um, is that all I wanted to talk about?

Hanksock: I don't know, dude, it's your brain.

Hank: I think it is. I think that's all I wanted to talk about. John, Nerdfighters...

Both: We'll see you at VidCon.