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In which Michael Toad shows us the secret to not dying so much. Or does he?
(Intro - I'm so bad at game!)

Hank: Michael, what's your secret of not dying all the time?
Michael: Uh...

H: Yoo-do-do-do-do-do. Oh, sorry Toad.

H: Where did my Yoshi go to the...
M: Oh.
H: Toad, why did you jump off the edge?
M: I didn't know that was an edge.

H: Too many people! Too many people!

K: It's an amphibian.
H: Ooh, kay.

H: Michael doesn't know about the A-button.

M: Ooh. No!

M: Mother balls.

M: I don't like this. I don't like this.

K: Michael just ran right off the edge.

M: No.

K: Ooh!
M: Ohohoho!

K: Ah?
H: I am.
M: Wah. Uh. Nuh!

H: I'm gonna get ya.
M: Oh! Ahaho!

M: Ahahaha!
K: Ah!

M: The A-button is a thing.

M: Yeah.

H: Gah!
M: Oh no no!

M: Waiting for that.

M: Oh. Oh. He just hit every single one all the way over.

K:...cogs in this.
M: Oh dear.

K: I'm too small.

K: Not you.
M: Oh.

H: Everybody run back!
M: No!

H: ...get you. You jumped over it.
M: No! No!

H: Holy wizard staff.

M: Oh.

H: One up. Wow.

K: Look out!
M: Ohohoho.

H: Get out the... G-g-g-g-get...
K: Oh oh. Oh oh. Oh oh. Oh oh. Oh oh.

H: Huh! Aw, you died.

K: I thought I couldn't jump.
M: Oh.

(H & K laugh)

K: Just jump straight up! Stay in one place!

K: Like when a person dies. Oh boy.
H: Yeah.
M: Like, like I just did.

K: It's gonna come back again so don't...
M: Oh.

H: I'm gonna go before I...

(M grunting)

H: I...
K: What you talking about?
H: Just, just...

K: Frickety frap.

(H & K laugh)

K: Oh, look out.
M: Are you joking?

(M sighs)

M: Just die. Bitch.

M: Wahahoho! Heeheeheehee! Oh!

K: Just, just...
M: Um...

K: Woah!
H: Woah!
M: Oh.

K: OK. He just d... No.

K: Oh oh.
M: Nononono. That, that's just unnecessary.

H: No no no!
K: Oh!

M: Muhuhuh!

K: Oh sh...

H: And then I just totally died like Toad.

M: Whee! Oh.

M: I can't... OK.

K: Did somebody kill you?
M: I fell in the water. Oh I did it again.

M: Oh dear.

H: Not going to happen.
M: No big urchin.

K: Oh.
M: Wow. Oh.
H: Ah.

H: Word. Therdberner.
M: Are you joking?

M: That was...

K: No!
M: No.
K: You make it so close every time.
M: No.

M: Well sh**.

H: Attacked me.

M: ...umming bat. Oh, whoops.
K: Wow.
M: What's with the purpley death?

M: Uh...
K Don't die.
M: I don't know.