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Our coverage of the campaigns' healthcare plans:

This week's questions:
3:46 what is the difference between cardiac rehab and exercise after a heart attack?
4:38 Our doc recommended vitamins for our infant, tri-vi-sol, what's the research on infant vitamins needs and are they regulated?
5:55 how should I handle a clinic that has not given me my test results in a timely manner? it's happened like 5 times!
7:33 NPR and other news outlets have reported extensively on the upcoming rise in rates on the ACA exchanges. Why and what steps can be taken to reduce the costs?
12:19 How to decipher actual advice from pseudo science that some MDs sell in books?
14:04 What's the truth behind cleanses and protein shakes and all that other fad crap!
14:46 Sleep quality as it relates to aging, when is more sleep worse?
15:45 Can I continuously eat 5g of creatine monohydrate each day without cycles? And why do my joints feel much better when I eat creatine, and start to hurt during/after the physical exercises when I stop eating it?
16:54 Thoughts on basic medical education in primary and secondary schools? my highschool taught me CPR, first aid and AED in health class but I've learned that they no longer do so.
17:51 Do you need to change your mattress every 8 years to avoid back injury or is that a marketing ploy?
18:26 Is the breast self-examination working or is it causing more harm because of needless biopsies, surgery, anxiety?
19:31 When you have a cold, is it better to constantly spit/blow out the phlegm from your nose and throat? Is it better to get the gunk out of your body or might it be better to keep it inside, maybe because you get more dehydrated (plus spread more germs) by purging it??
20:53 Why is the recent nutrition fad to tell us to eat more protein? It all feels like the low carb diet again even though it doesnt seem necessary to take in that much protein. (i.e. My vegan sister and her 5 young kids most of which have NEVER eaten meat) The whole idea Americans don't have enough protein is ludicrous and a throwback to my days is the Air Force where there were a bunch of 'meatheads' taking protein shakes and pre-workout powders, so not exactly the picture of health.
23:14 We are the parents of a bedwetter and it's been difficult to sort through the information to find a solution. Have their been any good studies about this problem?
24:31 Is coffee really bad to drink when pregnant? Or is it the caffeine and therefore decaf is fine?
25:28 What age is autism usually noticed/diagnosed?
26:14 Is there a widely recognized accepted way of washing hands? eg: water temp, time take, amount of scrubbing.
27:03 Why does beta carotene increase the risk of lung cancer in smokers?
27:32 What can be done to improve accessibility to clinics and health professionals so that women can make informed decisions and have autonomy over their bodies? Why can clinics get away with misleading women and giving out biased and worse, incorrect information?
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