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Steve the Cockatiel helps Jessi unbox some gifts from some animal loving supporters that will go to our lizards, parrots, beaver, chinchillas, and porcupines! Thank you Devon and Madden!!

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Hi guys, welcome back to Animal Wonders.

Today I want to do an unboxing video because we got two big packages from two amazing people, and Steve and I wanted to share that with you.


Our first big gift comes from a long-time supporter, Devon. This has already been opened because my husband, Augusto didn't realize I wanted to do it on camera. But, I have not seen what's in there, so let's go ahead and dig in. 


First off, she sent me an e-mail and she did say that there was some fleece in here, so...

This is awesome! We can always use more blankets for the animals. It's really comfortable. It's great bedding for a lot of animals like our hedgehog and our chinchillas. They stand on fleece a lot, and they get it dirty pretty quickly, and then, sometimes they'll chew on it and it'll get destroyed. So, having new fleece is awesome.

Oh, it looks like there's a lot in here. There's something, like, crumbly on it. Let's see what that is. 

Oh, you know, nice. This is what's causing the crumbling. This is a sand  mat and it's great for leopard geckos and other desert-type reptiles, because it's a nice solid substrate that they can't accidentally ingest; but it's not slippery, so they can still get a good grip. This is awesome!

This is a hide, and I think Argos, our Mali Uromastyx is going to really enjoy this. 

Oh, and we have some rodent chews in here. Devon is fond of the rodents, and so am I. These are Kemosabe's favorite things to chew on, and I think I'll give this to Huckleberry, our beaver. These all look like willow twigs to me, and willow is like, one of his favorite things to chew on. 

And, we have another sand mat. These do - you can see that the sand does come off - so these do wear out after a while. So, this is awesome that we have a backup. And I love how big these are, so that if we do have a smaller enclosure, I can cut them down and fit them to size. 

And, some fun little blocks to chew on. Kizmit, our African crested porcupine, loves just destroying anything that she possibly can, so I bet she's gonna love these. 

That was it; we did it, except for some sand. Thank you so much, Devon.

Let's go ahead and move on to the next one. 

(Groans) This one's a lot much bigger. 

Okay, this one actually comes from someone new, and it is a note. 

Dear Animal Wonders, 

My name is Madden, and I am 11 years old. I have two baby miniature goats, one named Henry and the other Louie, a guinea pig named Laya, which we are currently trying to find a friend for, and a Blue Heeler named Carlos.

I love your channel. You are so knowledgeable and you explain things very well. I hope you and your animals had an extremely Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 

Love, Madden.

P.S. Sorry the package came in so late; it was supposed to be a Christmas present/donation. Also, please open on camera. 

Well, Madden, here we go. We're opening it on camera. 

Here we go. Oh man, I can see, first off, that there are so many awesome things for our rodents to hide in, like these. We go through so many of these small animal hides, because small animals, just like reptiles, they go find places to hide so that they can, kind of, de-stress and just be nice and calm, and don't have to worry about anything. But, these are edible and a lot of our small animals, like chinchillas and our guinea pigs, they chew these things, and they go through them. It's a lot of fun, but these are always needed. 

We got (laughs) a can of snails. Oh, my goodness. I kinda want to open this up right now. I wonder if it smells. I've actually never had a can of snails before, but you use these for different reptiles. 

Oh, it looks like mushrooms. Oh, it smells kinda like... cookies? 

This looks like a rope... (rustling noise)

Yes, this is a rope toy, and we can either give this to Mimi the monkey - she has a lot of toys in there right now - or we can give it to one of our birds. And, we can either hang it like this and they can climb along there, or we can hang it down like that, and they can climb up like this. They can chew on it. 

(To Steve the cockatiel) What do you think, Steve? Do you want this?

No comment from Steve.

And, of course, we got some extreme kongs, which we can use to treat ?(?~5:02). Oh, man, Ruby is going to love these. And, I don't know if you guys know, but we recently adopted a new dog. His name is Han, and I bet he is going to love these. These are going to use a lot of wear and tear.

Thank you guys so much for giving these gifts to the animals. It's so important that they get enrichment, so that they can have a happy and healthy life. It means so much to me, and I am so grateful that you care about these animals; that you think you want them to be happy. Thank you, so much. 

So, let's go ahead and give these to the animals and see how much they enjoy them. 

(Musical montage of animals enjoying the gifts)

Thanks for joining me and Steve today, unboxing all these awesome toys. If you'd like to go on an adventure with us every week, subscribe to our YouTube channel, Animal Wonders Montana.  

Thanks, guys!