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Did you know that rats... can't vomit? Or that there's roughly 500 million pounds of hair across the world? Or how about Michael J. Fox's middle name REALLY stands for? Those are just three of 100 WEIRD facts about the world we're going to be sharing today. No theme, just strange facts that will make you go "Huh..." Let's get weird, shall we?


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1. Rodents can't vomit. According to a 2013 study in PLOS One, this can be attributed to some missing brain circuitry that other mammals have; What the researchers called an “absent brainstem neurological component.” This unique physiology is part of why poison can be an effective way of dealing with mice and rats. The little guys can't throw up the toxic materials, which is good or bad news depending on your point of view.

Hi, I'm Erin McCarthy, and on today's episode of the List Show we're sharing 100 weird facts. There's a lot of ground to cover so let's hit three more before the intro.

2. Michael J. Fox's middle name is Andrew. He chose the middle initial “J” as an homage to character actor Michael J. Pollard, and presumably to avoid confusion.

3. Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho was shot in black and white even though color films have become popular years earlier, but the film pushed the medium forward in other ways. It was the first American studio film in the so-called Code Era, a period of cinematic self-censorship under the Hays Code, to show and present the sound of a flushing toilet, blood-curdling stuff. 

4. And blood curdling isn't just an evocative phrase. Research shows that watching horror movies can increase a certain clotting protein in our blood. The protein is known as Factor VIII, which is also a good name for a dystopian horror movie.

We've got much more to cover from Dildo Days to the Great Oyster Craze. Let's get started.


5. There's a small area of Newfoundland known as “Dildo.” If you're interested in visiting, I recommend the end of July 2023 when the local service district will be hosting its annual Dildo Days celebration. It includes a parade led, of course, by Captain Dildo. While the name's origins are uncertain, your mind shouldn't go too far into the gutter. In 1995, the assistant postmistress told The Independent, “I feel sure that we've been here a lot longer than artificial penises have been around.” 

6. That's almost definitely not true though. Numerous pieces of art from Ancient Greece

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