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Good morning John.

Welcome to my Friday video. Today, with the help of an anonymous source, I am going to embarrass you. This video comes in three parts.

The first part is embarrassing you. So there is a person in the world who has some marvelous photo shopping skills who is running a fake John Green Daily Booth account. And that fake John Green Daily Booth account has been updated regularly for the last, like, three weeks, with pictures of you in particularly embarrassing circumstances.

I don't know why you're getting this treatment and I'm not, but I'm not complaining. So what are all these hilarious pictures you ask? Well, there's this one of you declaring your love for unicorns.

There's one of you dressed as Edward Cullen. There's one of you doing a funny dance with a crowbar. There's one of the Poe bust kissing you and following that theme there's one where you're Willy and Willy is you.

There's one of you finally admitting that the puff is a wig, and one where you have the superpower of being able to turn into a bobblehead whenever you want to. Of course they're not all embarrassing. Some of them are just ridiculously awesome, like the cover of John Green Magazine, this picture of John Green Day, and of course your own brand of cereal, this advertisement for fat sandwiches, and you doing a happy dance on the moon.

I just wanted you to know about the fake John Green Daily Booth. It has been consistently hilarious for weeks now and I'm really impressed. So if y'all want to go sign up for that, it would probably be a good idea.

Thing two. Today's edition of the fake John Green Daily Booth had something that had to do with me, which was this fake back cover of So Jokes, in which the track listing shows nothing except for versions of Accio Deathly Hallows. And I take that criticism at face value.

Hilarious. But it reminded me that I haven't really talked about the fact that I am working on a second studio album, and it is going to be colossal. I haven't finished the exact track list for it yet, but - it's looking like it's going to have at least fifteen studio tracks on it and they're all songs that I'm really proud of and, like, I think are really good.

And of course you're entitled to your own opinion on that. Several folks and I are working on the cover design already and there may be a super-secret surprise involved as well; I'm not going to talk about that yet though because I'm not sure it's going to work out. There is also a chance that I will tour with the new album, but because it's coming out fairly soon, it's going to be hard to plan a real tour, so I was hoping folks could send me an email at letting me know if they have any connections at any venues that are west of the Rocky Mountains.

We did the east side of the country with the Tour de Nerdfighting; I feel like the west side of the country needs some lovin'. And just so you know, when I say venues, I don't know what I mean. It's fairly important that the rooms be able to fit like a hundred and fifty to two hundred people.

It's very important that the shows are all-age. And it's fairly important that it's near a big city. But that's pretty much my only requirement.

I'm happy to play colleges, clubs, libraries, bookstores, anything. So it's possible but I'm not guaranteeing anything that I will be doing a little tour of the western United States along with the release of my new album. I hope you are as excited about that possibility as I am.

The third thing that I wanted to talk about was the thing that I'm wearing. Heh-ho. Which is a new shirt that John and Alan and I are selling at right now.

I got it in the mail yesterday and I immediately put it on and I've been wearing it ever since. I immediately put it on and I went to show The Katherine, and she looked at me, and she was like, "Who sent that to you?" Don't mess with The Katherine. Thank you to Morgan for the awesome design.

It is the official 'won't you be in nerdfighterlike with me' shirt, as coined by the marvelous Lauren Fairweather and covered by me on my previous album So Jokes. I have to say that generally our shirts don't last very long, because we print up a certain number and then that's it, so if you want to go to right now, you can get this, but if you wait, you might not be able to. I like it; I think it's cute.

Katherine thought it was cute too, once she figured out it wasn't some random girl who sent it to me. Talk about a great gift. So you can get it now at

And you can get So Jokes at the same time if you don't have it yet. That's never a bad idea, to have the first album before the second one comes out. Hey!

That is all. That is all of my three parts. John, I will see you on Sunday.