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Have you ever wanted to know everything there is to know about the people who watch your YouTube show? Like, how many of them are educators, or learners, whether they're just watching for fun, or just when they're studying, how many teachers are playing your videos in schools? It's probably just me.

Well, I don't care!

Welcome to Crash Course Surveys, a one-episode series here on Crash Course, where I implore you to please fill out a survey so that we can know more about our audience, how you use Crash Course, and how we can make better content for you.

Your answers to these questions are going to help us refine our mission, maybe help us raise money to make more great videos, or even develop broader resources for learners and educators! Expand our reach and just generally make the world a better place! So please, please please, help us out!

There are two surveys in the description below, one is for educators, so people who are using Crash Course to help other people learn, regardless of the circumstances, and one is for learners - people who are using Crash Course to help themselves learn. Again, regardless of the circumstances.

If you fall under both groups, fill out both surveys! Thank you so much for your dedication to and interest in Crash Course. We're very proud of what we've built here, and want very much to make it even better.