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In which Hank talks about "combative physical communication."


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Good morning John, it's schmerday, spliptobersmop.

Is that good enough for you 'cause that's good enough for me. I'm going to something a little bit different right now. [John's video plays in background]I don't blame him Hank, being able to tinkle on your own is exciting. But Hank maybe this two year old is so excited about being able to tinkle on his own that he sometimes takes out the equipment before going to the bathroom.

And then sorta waddles into the bathroom while everyone laughs. And then maybe later, five year old me points out to the two year old nameless person that you can't take the equipment out until you're inside the bathroom with the door closed. John, I have a suspicion.

I don't think that you said to me, "Don't take the equipment out before the door is closed." I have that suspicion, even though I can't remember this, because I've been your brother for a long time. And during that time you've been very good at pointing out when I do things that are socially...irregular. But I can't seem to remember a time during the first 13 years of my life, in which you did that in a kind way.

And that is how I got a scar on my knuckle, from your braces. This may surprise Brotherhood 2.0 viewers, but I was generally the more physical of the brothers. While John's abuse generally came out of his mouth, my abuse, one time, landed on [punches camera] his mouth.

Now, our relationship has never been perfect, in fact it was touch and go for a while there. The uh-the video blogging is good though. Because we get to convey our entire sentiments without interrupting each other and I don't actually have to physically occupy the same space as you.

And other siblings may be able to attest to the fact that three minutes a day is probably a very manageable dosage of sibling. Also it's nice that I have cognitively developed the same stage as you. So you can no longer pick on me for being developmentally insuperior.

Ha! I could, however, continue to pick on you for being physically insuperior. I don't know if anyone out there has ever asked John how tall he is.

But he has this charming way of saying that he's six foot one. Which is strange, because I am six foot one and when John and I stand back to back, I am more that an inch taller than him. Maybe John's doctor's little height measuring thing is broken, I don't know.

Maybe that's the problem. Or maybe he just doesn't want to admit that his little taller than him. I'm serious.

I love you. You're a great guy. I think that we're over the uh [punching]do do doo...anger.

Fight. Verbal jabs... No, never.

We would never verbally jab at one another anymore. But that was kinda the only way I could respond to you back then. I didn't have the same sharp wit that you'd developed, so I could only respond to your verbal attacks with uh...physical attacks or you know, just running away.

I did that more than punching. Do you remember the punch? I think we were over at Nick Jones's house.

You just really surprised was mostly what I remember. You were surprised and my hand hurt. No no no I remember now, you got really angry too.

You got really angry not because it hurt but because you were afraid that I had messed up your braces. Which is pretty much the nerdiest response to getting punched in the mouth ever. "Oh my god my orthodontics might be messed up!" Nerds for life. So uh, based on the thing with this video, I have a question for the nerdfighters: Have you ever been in a fight?

And if you have, how'd it go?, and why did you fight, and do you think it was worth it? I would love to see those answers there [points down] uh or you could point them in My Pants, which is the Brotherhood 2.0 forum if you were confused. And of course video responses are always uh, our favorite.

We've kinda given up the uh,[air punches] that form of communication. But it is a form of communication. It's-It's a way to say something. [punching and punching sounds]And in my opinion it can be a very effective and even in some cases appropriate form of communication.

So I'm just curious about you guys' opinions and experiences with uh, physical communication. Physical communication does not immediately bring in to mind fights. Um, combative physical communication.

So I would love to read slash hear your words on that topic. Thanks. That is all for today.

John, [punches camera] I'll see you tomorrow.