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In which Hank announces that Charlie is older than he's ever been and now he's even older. And that he and John are leading a SUPERNOTE TEAM!!

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Good morning, John. Today is a day that will live in infamy. Not actually. I just wanted to use that filter. So, this video comes to you in three parts. The first part is that the Vlogbrothers are participating in Supernote. All you have to do is go to "" and join the Vlogbrothers team and then upload a video of yourself as a response to this video of you doing your Supernote. The male and female Vlogbrother members that have the longest Supernote will have the right, if they so wish, to introduce a Vlogbrothers video by saying "Good morning, Hank." or "Good morning, John." depending on who they want to be talking to. All you have to do is have the lung capacity of a fully grown blue whale, but, if you don't have the lung capacity of the largest animal to ever have lived on our planet, you could still participate because there's also a prize for the cumulative team Supernote effort; and so if Nerdfighteria and Supernotes and leaves it as a response to this video, then guess what? We become the Supernote champions of the world. So, please go to "" and leave your Supernote video responses below.

The second part is a very special birthday wish. It's Charlie McDonnell's birthday today. Charlieissocoollike. If you haven't already subscribed to him, I don't believe you. So Alex day said that we should write ukulele songs for him. So I did.

Oh, everybody knows that Charlie is so cool,
he's challenged in all the right ways.
He's so rock and roll.
And I even like his mole.
He should get infinite 'Happy Birthdays.'

Now, the third thing I want to talk about today is the science of Supernote. There's two things that come into play here. There's your lung capacity, and there's the ability to hold your breath because while you are exhaling you may have noticed you are not inhaling. And inhaling is the thing that keeps you from being a dead person. And do your body wants very much for you to consistently inhale because your body, it turns out, really liked being alive. So, what you need is to expand your lung capacity, decrease the rate of air leaving your lungs, and increase the amount of time that you can hold your breath. Now, number one, to expand you lung capacity, you should be standing up. I failed at that. You should take deep breaths, blow them all the way out, and then take deep breaths and try to feel what it feels like to have your lungs all the way full. Second, you have to decrease the rate at which air is leaving your lungs. Now one way to do this is go "uuuuuuuhhhhhhhhh" but that is illegal. No growling Supernotes this year. So, yes, you must be talking. But, don't do it too loud and try to control the amount of air that's leaving your throat. "Ahhhhh" (quiet) is a lot less air than "AHHHHH." (loud) Lastly, you want to increase the amount of time that you can hold your breath. There are two components of this: psychological and physiological. Psychologically, you have to recognize that your body is tell you to breath and you shouldn't do it, so just don't because you'll be fine. Physiological, what you want to do is superoxygenate which requires you to fill and blow out and fill and blow out your lungs very rapidly and in quick succession and you'll start to feel your gums tingle. I'm not kidding. When your gums start tingling, that's the time to do your Supernote. BOOM. And that is all. Also, they may have found a planet that may have liquid water on it twenty light years away that could easily support life. Very exciting! John, I'll see you on Monday.