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In which Hank takes you on a walk and talks about winter!


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A Bunny
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Good Morning John.

It's Tuesday, some day in November and it is snowing all over the place. How fantastic is this? This my house!

It's covered in snow! Soon I will be covered in snow. It never snows this much in Missoula, it's fantastic.

Ah I need gloves, I'm going to have to get gloves. Also the power went off like five times because big tree branches are falling everywhere, onto power lines as well as onto our front yard. And I got gloves, so I can do this.

Okay apparently holding onto a video while throwing a snow ball makes you throw like a sissy. It is not how I throw snow balls. If you see me throwing a snow ball at you that is because I want you to see me throwing a snowball at you.

So Katherine and I took this snowy opportunity to go on a walk. It was nice! And I video taped a few things and I'm going to share those with you.

Katherine was sad because this little bush was laboring under all that ice and snow and so she went under it and she shook it and it was awesome. Katherine: That was a mistake Hank: And this guy obviously just moved here from somewhere else because he's in his driveway in his shorts, cleaning his car with a hockey stick! Who doesn't have a car cleaner thing?

We have a car cleaner thing! In fact we have two! She's gonna be mad at me for showing all of you that so I'm just gonna remind her what she did to me earlier today.

Katherine:I'm gonna aim at your head, not at the camera. Hank: Okay. She has very good aim.

She missed the camera. She hit me in the head. Is my nose snotty?

Katherine: Only marginally Hank:Only marginally. Katherine and I took this beautiful opportunity to walk down to the fatherly food store which is bigger and better than ours. It's nice out and we're going ot do our Thanksgiving shopping.

Behind me you can see the mountains of Missoula. That's actually a hangar of some kind. There, there's one.

The town kind of freaked out a little bit. Thousands of people without power and so on. We have arrived!

Whjat's this? Thousands lose power. Isn't that what I just said? coming inside of the store.

It's warm in here. And apparently I got preoccupied with all the warmness and all of the food and I stopped video taping stuff. So that's okay really 'cause you don't wanna watch me grocery shop.

That's not exciting. And this is? And this is exciting?

Why do you watch me?!? Sorry John, that wasn't for you that was for the Nerdfighters. Why?

This is weird. Who is in there? That's not what I want to talk about though.

I wanna talk about my bizarre fondness for cold weather. Where the hell did that come from? We grew up in Florida!

You and me grew up in Florida! We got bundled up for like sixty degrees! It hit thirty degrees one time while we lived in Florida.

Once! Dad dragged us out of the house at like six O'clock in the morning so we could frost on the roof. Oh My God frost!

And then when I moved here my head exploded initially. I'd never seen an icicle in person, I'd never seen a snowflake before, I'd never seen a river freeze over. All these things were very new and very interesting and very cool.

But what I've realized in the year since, not only do I like the cold new new stuff that comes along with coldness I also kind of really like being cold! I like my house to be at around sixty degrees! That's a good temperature.

I work better, I'm more comfortable. I like winter! Kind of a shock to me.

I was surprised, to realize that recently. And I'm glad winter is back because I have been dreaming of a white Thanksgiving! And I sure got one.

Speaking of which finally a holiday falls on one of my days, so you just need to do a video tomorrow and then I do one on Friday and nobody does one on Thursday because it's Thanksgiving. And on Friday I will tell you some of the things that I am thankful for. But today let's just be thankful that you and David sold your book that is so awesome!

Congratulations John! I will see you tomorrow!