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2:15 - If there was only one improvement you could make to USA mental healthcare, what would it be? I.e, top priority? Thanks for your channel, BTW. Keep it up

3:55 - What are the long term affects of Nootropics, or "Smart Drugs"?

5:48 - I've been told that milk thistle extract can be used to protect the liver from the damage of things like alcohol and NSAIDs. Is there research on this?

8:14 - How can someone not trained in a medical field find research on the questions they have? What is the hierarchy of study types? (rcts as best down to the worst)

11:11 - Are hydrogenated oils trans fat? If so, how can food labels list hydrogenated oils in their ingredients, but claim to be Trans Fat Free?

12:40 - Getting rid of anti-bacterial components in soap because they promote resistance, would it be useful to have or produce pro-bacterial components so as to reduce the production of resistant bacteria?

13:44 - You have done an episode on coffee now what can you tell us about Tea.

14:42 - I was told recently I should sit down because its for digestion. This sounds like a lie but I guess my friend saw it on a health show. Is there any research to say you shouldn't stand while eating?

16:22 - I've heard a lot of people talking recently about including "good" fats in their diet. Is there any evidence to support this?

17:33 - I know your feelings towards vitamin D, but at our pediatrician's office, they kept asking us about a vitamin D supplement for our 1 month old, I don't see a need for it, what does the research say?

19:21 - Whoa why do you live stream mid-day Wednesday?

20:35 - Is it true that some styles of front facing baby carriers can damage or strain the baby's hips? Some of the more expensive carriers claim to be more ergonomic and better for their joints. Thoughts?

22:22 - Hi, Dr. Carroll; with obesity being such a problem, can you discuss the various bariatric surgery options, their efficacy, and who would be good candidates to approach their doctors about surgery?

23:31 - What can actually help prevent migraines? Everyone seems to have a secret remedy, from drinking water (I'm really tired of hearing this one) to eating more cherries.

24:54 - I've been taught that calcium prevents iron absorption, yet have recently seen studies claiming that this is not so with long-term absorption. Do you know if these studies hold water?

26:10 - I have Ehlers danlos syndrome and i'm on morphine ( oral liquid) what are some effects of long term opiate use that i need to watch out for? I already have problems with gastric motility.

26:55 - Hey Dr. Carroll, I started ramping up my usage of a standing desk, though my roommate has said that an excess of standing could lead to back problems. Is this true?

28:25 - Hey, I was the person last week who asked about Downs Syndrome and Alzheimer's. How should I go about giving you a bit more background on my experience with relatives?
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