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In which the FIFA 16 Wimbly Womblys score a lot of goals. And gingers are mentioned a few times.
...quality, but you can't buy heart. Oh! We scored a goal! We scored a goal!

Akinfenwa with a good penalty. It's good enough!

It has to be! And it is!

...overall terrible quality of discourse. Get in the net! Get in the net, own goal! It's my favorite kind of goal!

It's Riggs. Riggsy!


We were like a three trick pony. You want to be a one trick pony ideally. That's my understanding of that cliché.

That's a good penalty. Yes!

Finish! Yes!

Seb Brown saved two penalties against Luton Town to put us into the Football League. And now Eliot, he's got a chance to send us into the finals. Oh! It's a beautiful penalty! We're going to the finals of a made-up pre-season competition!

Not a bad penalty! Light! Light! The visible reminder of the invisible light. Light! The visible reminder of the invisible light!

And then it's through! Gosh, that's some good passing by me. Oh! It's two-nil! It's two-nil!

It's T. S. Eliot and he's on an absolute rampage. He's on a rampage, Meredith. He set it up! Oh! He finishes!

Meredith likes your hair, buddy! Oh! Over the keeper!

Go! John Green! John Green!

He's alone! He's in space! He finishes!

It's not great. But it's good enough! We're alive! We're alive!

Doh! Yes! Yes!

And, like, I would argue... Oh! He's a genius! Go to the camera!

Other John Green looks so much like Ronald McDonald now that it's a bit of a distraction.

And it's Akinfenwa and he's all alone! He's a finisher! Adebayo Akinfenwa! The Beast!
"He's big, he's round
He's worth ten million pounds
Akinfenwa, Akinfenwa!"

Yes! Cut! Shoot! Oh! Lyle Taylor with his last kick of the game scores the opening goal!

...sort of someone else's territory, you know. Gosh, that was close to being a goal and there it is! There it is! The opening goal! And he kisses the ground that he walks on! I don't even know who scored it! It was beautiful!

Oh! Ohohoooooo!

Oh, don't be afraid to score again! That's a really good pass! Oh! With the last kick of the game!

Oh, that's bad. You should never go that way on Adebayo Akinfenwa! When you try to go inside of him he scores on you! Go to the camera, pretty man!

Yeah, you know, Francombstein, just get off the field, OK? You're a doctor, not a person who debates referees. Just get off the field. It wasn't a good tackle. It was my fault, I apologize. Ooh, that's nasty. That is a nasty tackle on a nice ginger who did nothing... God, that's a beautiful, beautiful ginger. Woah! He didn't even accept the handshake. I like your fire!