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In which Hank challenges Nerdfighteria to find balloons.
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Good morning John, yesterday I said that we were going to talk about a bunch of stuff that we're not going to talk about, all that's going right out the window.

Because there's something much more important going on now, I need you to find balloons. A little bit of background on that! DARPA, which is like, the research arm of the US Military, they are the ones who created the Internet.

Yay Internet! Is putting up 10 large, 8 feet across, weather balloons, across the United States and the first person to locate and submit all 10 locations of all 10 balloons will get FORTY THOUSAND DOLLARS! So I was thinking about the Project for Awesome and I was thinking, you know what would make the Project for Awesome just a little bit more awesome?

And $40000 was my exact answer! I was also thinking, that John, that you, and I, and the nerdfighters and YouTube are extremely good at being a tight-knit community, that is very geographically disparate, which is not something that a lot of other communities are good at being. So I was thinking about this was a pretty amazing chance to prove our awesome, and make the Project for Awesome awesomer, and I got really excited and now we have planned the whole thing.

I'm warning you, it is surprisingly complicated. I would to ask Nerdfighteria and all members of the global YouTube community to help with this. More people who are one, in the continental United States, two, have a car, three, have a cell phone, you all have cell phones.

Why did I even put that in there. Four, are free on Saturday, I would like you all to join the Search, Discover and Confirm Team. If you're cool with that.

If you're cool. The Search Discover and Confirm Team needs to do two things - one, I need you to send an email to That email must be titled "Search Team".

Please spell it correctly! That email must include your name, your city, your state and if you want, your neighborhood. Also, this is not necessary but we would very much appreciate it if you would include your phone number so we could contact you at a moments notice.

Second, I need you to go to and on the left hand side of the page there will be a little signup box, asking you to signup for the Team. All you have to do is put email address in there, and confirm, and I promise we will never send you emails about anything except for the balloon project. I promise.

The reason why we need to do this is because we expect there to be lots of mis-information around. And because we expect that mis-information, we're going to need members of our community to be able to at a moments notice, go and check on a nearby balloon, to make sure that it is a DARPA balloon, and that it is where people said it was. Now, it also requests that you go out and look for yourselves, and try and find the balloons.

Everyone else, those of you who are not in America, don't have cars, aren't free on Saturday, I have some very important fobs for you too, but in order to find out what they are, you have to signup for that mailing list that I just mentioned. It is on the left hand side of If you think that you have found a balloon, either because you asked your friends and family to tell you if they saw a balloon, and they said that they did, or because you saw one, please either call us at the number below ((660) 693 3822), I would appreciate it if you would put this in your cell phone right now, this number here.

It's actually 660 69 DFTBA. Someone will either answer that phone, or you can leave a message. You can also text message that number.

Or, send us an email at The information in your email, text message, or phone message must include: a street address or street intersection nearby where the balloon is, the number of the balloon, it does not count if we don't have the number, and hopefully your name, so we can say thanks. The balloons are going up all across the country at 10 o'clock Eastern Time (in the Morning!), that means 7 o'clock Pacific.

And they will go down at 4 pm. Here is what the balloons look like, please don't forget that there are going to be lots of teams playing this for profit, and they will do anything to get at the information that we have. So it's very important that we keep it a secret if we know where a balloon is.

If we can get the $40000, we will be giving all of it to the charities promoted in the best Project for Awesome videos this year. Nobody else has a team like we have a team, this is going to be amazing.