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That's a whole lot of awesome on one stage.

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Hannah: Tyler!

Tyler: Hi!

H: What...what's that all about?

T: Oh! Um. Well I was planning on having, like, a little...a special moment on stage.

H: Oh, cool! 

T: Um... 

[Audience Laughter]

T: You're not a part of it.

[Audience Laughter]

H: What?

T: Right, so here's the, it's gonna involve me and some boys.

[Audience Cheers]

[Talking over each other]

T: And your not one of those.

H: Here, let me button this.

T: Oh, that's not gonna help.

H: Doesn't it, though?

T: Not a good look. No. Um, so, I'm sorry.

H: Yeah. It's cool.

T: So...without further ado, the boys! The twins.

[Audience Cheers]

T: Jack and Finn!

[Audience Cheers]


[Jack and Finn Greet Fans]

H: [Off stage] Thank you. Hi! Great! How are you? Oh it's fine. It's like a talent show. You're just like, yuck yuck yuck yuck yuck yuck yuck.

Finn: Hello VidCon!

Jack: Hey!

F: How's it going?

H: [Off stage] When he said the twins, I went like this.

J: Twin hug!

F: Ahh.

T: None of you get this! [Jack kisses Tyler] Ah! [Giggles]

[Audience Cheers]

J: You guys are really beautiful today! Are you having a good morning?

[Audience Cheers]

J: Good! So many people. Is we're in a good position here?

T: You do you, girl.

[Talking over each other]

F: You do you, I'll do me.

J: [Laughs] I'll do me.

T: You do you.

J: How cool is this? You've got Tyler Oakley as a host! That's exciting, right? And Hannah Hart!

[Audience Cheers]

T: How cool is this? You get...twins. [Jack and Finn laugh] That are beautiful-uh-By the way, um, did you see, last night, me and John on Twitter were talking about you guys. 

J: Yes.

F: I didn't see this.

T: He was talking about your personalities.

F: My what?

T: Your personalities. 

F: Oh, I thought you said something else.

T: ...I was talking about other things.

[Audience Cheers]

J: Tyler, that is very inappropriate!

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J: Can I tell you what? Did you see what we did on Twitter last night?

T: What did you do on Twitter last night?

J: We did something a little bit cheeky.

T: Tell me everything.

[Audience Cheers]

J: Um, so we were in our hotel room, right? And we were a little bit bored, so we decided to play a game. We got a piece of paper, and we wrote, "This is the secret Jack's Gap note." And then what we did is we floated it in the swimming pool, and then just pushed it out into the middle of the swimming pool, and tweeted a picture of it and said, "First one to get this gets a free maoam.

T: That's bullying.

J: No! It wasn't bullying.

F: No, it's not!

J: It was like the Hunger Games, but in VidCon.


T: Did you watch? Were you watching the people?

J: No, we just got a picture. And she was like, "Wooo I got it!"

F: And the maoam.

J: Yeah, and the maoam.

T: [To Audience] Did anybody of you try and get it?

J: Is she here? 

F: Has anyone got any maoams? I didn't have breakfast.

[Audience and Jack laugh]

T: You're so fat.

J: Uh, yeah. That happened. 

T: Well, that sounds exciting. You're surely spending your time wisely at VidCon. This is your second VidCon, correct?

J&F: Yeah.

F: Woo!

T: Who here met them at the first VidCon?

[Cheers and Screams]

F: Who was here last year that's here now?

[Small cheers]

T: Just a few of you! Oh wow!

[Audience Member screams, "We love you!"]

T: Aw. 

F: It's a lot bigger this year, though.

T: It's humongous.

F: Yeah. It's kind of just blown up.

T: So tell me some of the differences you are noticing between this year and last year.

J: Well, firstly, there is a huge shark in the convention center.

F: Yeah, I saw that too.

J: What's up with that? What is that? Do you know?

T: I can't understand you.


T: Are you speaking English?

F: Shark!

T: Oh, shark! Oh.

J: Shark.

T: Sharknado.

J: Shark, yes.

F: Are those for Sharknado?

T: Maybe? I don't know.

F: Brilliant. [Indiscernible]

T: Sponsored.

J: Um. No there's a lot more people here. What else is new? There's a stage outside. That wasn't here before.

F: Yeah. Yeah.

J: Um yeah. No. It's fun. I mean it's just big.

F: And we went to Disneyland for the first time ever.

J: We did go to Disneyland, yeah. Who's been to Disneyland before?

[Audience cheers]

J: We went for our first time! That's really bad. 

T: It was your first time?

J&F: Yeah!

T: And I didn't go with you?

J&F: Awwww.

T: That is so rude. That is a hare crime.

[Jack laughs]

T: I'm, you know I'm obsessed with Disneyland? 

J: Yeah?

T: I go like, twice a month.

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T: Yeah. Let's go.

J: Do you have, like, a season pass?

T: [Laughs] Do I have a season pass? Amateur hour! Uh, yeah.

[Jack and Finn laugh]

T: Um, so, tell me, since this is your second VidCon, you've already met a bunch of Youtubers.

F: Yeah.

T: Who are you looking forward to most, to meet this year?

J: Hmm.

[Girl in audience screams, "Me!"]

T: Besides her.

[Audience cheers]

J: Besides you, as well?

T: Besides me.

J: Um, GloZell.

T: Oh my God!

[Audience cheers]

T: Queen of Youtube.

J: Uh huh. Is she here?

T: Is GloZell here today? Right now?

J: Is she here now?

T: Girl, you know she's busy.

[Jack laughs]

J: Yes.

T: She's filmed- Did you see her latest video?

F: What?

T: It's her checking the lighting on her camera. It's six seconds long. It's - she's just looking at the camera. Just checking lighting. It's iconic.


T: Millions of views.

J: She is iconic. That's a good word to describe her.

T: Good luck getting on her level.

J: Yeah, well, yeah. She's amazing, though. Who else? [To Finn] Who are you looking forward to?

F: Well, I am excited for DailyGrace's announcement.

[Audience Cheers]

J: Yeah! Their on later, right?

F: Yeah. I hear something's going down later on this stage.

J: Hey! Can you Grace face?

T: Can I Grace face?

J: Yeah.

[Audience Cheers]

T: Can you?

F: You know, it's just-

[Audience Cheers]

T: That's beautiful.

J: [Laughs] That's the best smile ever!

T: Yes, Grace has a huge announcement. She will be on stage later, so stay tuned for that. 


T: Um, it's big. Trust me. I already know it.


F: I wanna hang with charlieissocoollike, probably, as well.

J: Yeah, he's here.

F: Because he's British and I've met him like once really quickly.

T: Who are you talking about?

F: charlieissocoollike.

J: Charlie.

T: Oh, yeah! He was backstage. Did you see him?

F: No!

J: It's like the British Invasion.


J: Like there's a load of British Youtubers.

F: Oh yeah.


T: It's everything I look forward to.

F: Is anyone out in the audience from the UK?


F: Yeah? Someone over there! Woo!

T: Some people. Uh. Okay. And you were at Playlist, though, right?

J&F: Yes.

J: We were at Playlist Live, yeah. Was anyone at Playlist Live earlier in the year?

T: Who here came to Playlist?

[No audience response]

J: [Laughs] Silence.

T: Well it's different coasts.

J: John and Hank will be very happy. Uh. No, that was fun, though.

T: Yeah.

J: That was a good event.

T: Are you planning any special collaborations while you're here in California?

J: Possibly, yeah. There are a few people we want to collaborate with, yeah.

F: We're working on some things.

J: Top secret.

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