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(Griffin laughing)

Hank: Gonna try and hit it on its head, Griffin? Gonna try and-and beat up the little thingy? Yeah, hit him on his head.

Jason: (whispering) Griffin, watch.

(Griffin laughing)

Hank: This Thanksgiving, we're all thankful for violence. Beat it up.

(music as Jason cranks toy)

(Jason laughing)

Hank: (laughing) Don't you want to hit it yourself?

Jason: (whispering) Hit it. Hit it.

Hank: Beat up that little man. Oh, you're so cute. (whispering) You're such a cute little baby! Yeah. (in a baby voice) Oh yeah, take my expensive phone away. It's shiny. Look at this side, you can see me!

Jason: Oh, wow.

Hank: You're not supposed to look at screens, pediatricians say so! 

Jason: You're gonna get autism! (baby voice) Hank, is that the new Droid phone?

Hank: It is!

Jason: (baby voice) Is that built on the Google Android OS Platform?

Hank: It is.

(Griffin babbling)

Hank: Do you-do you want a Droid phone, Griffin?

Jason: (baby voice) I do wanna have it, I do. 

Hank: In the future, all operating systems will be free. 

Jason: (laughing) Right. (baby voice) Google can give things away for free forever! They'll never have to make business without anything but advertising! That's obvious! 

Hank: (laughing)  Apparently. It's the future! We're teaching an entire generation of people that nothing should cost anything! (baby voice) And you're part of that generation!

(Griffin babbling)

Hank: Yeah! You want my phone? (whispering) Oh, you're so cute. (throaty noise)

(Jason laughing)

Hank: Yeah. Babies are cute.

(Jason whistling)

Hank: Oh, I didn't know they did dances.

(Jason laughing & whistling)

Hank: Beat up that jack in the box!