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A weekly show where knowledge junkies get their fix of trivia-tastic information. This week, Elliott talks about some very strange discontinued products!

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#3 - HP-01 image by Stahlkocher on Wikimedia Commons.
#5 - Seiko Data 2000 image by Joe Haupt on Wikimedia Commons.

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Hi, I'm Elliott Morgan. Welcome to the salon. This is Mental Floss video and did you know there's a discontinued pencil with a cult following? It's true. The Blackwing 602 was discontinued by the Eberhard-Faber Company in the late 1990s, but pencil fans have not forgotten about it. Artists really liked the writing tool because it had the wax and the lead and was a little softer than a normal pencil. Some of the pencil's famous fans included Quincy Jones, Truman Capote and John Steinbeck. In 2010, a new company came out with the revival pencil that sells for $20 a dozen, but many fans say it's just not the same.

And that's the first of many weird discontinued products that I'm going to tell you about today.