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In which many goals are scored.

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Bald John Green! It's you! It's gotta be! And it is! It is!

Deeney. Oh!

It's a young persons game and, um... Ohoo!

There's hope!

Going to Dicko! Dicko! Goal! Goal!

Thank you Bald John Green. That was a nice moment of tracking back from BJG. I've been thinking about calling him BJG.

...scary to the movie industry with good reason are good changes. Get it! Oh, you can't stop him!

What a great ball from Dicko! Oh! It's in the net!

Get there! Get there! Yes! Yes! It's Jagie-lightning-strike-lightning-strike-o! Lighting strikes the same place twice!

...adds something to the experience. Deeney! Deeney! Deeney! Oh! Deeney! You might have just bought yourself a ticket to next year's Wimbly Womblys with that goal.

...which of course is not - Oh! The game was just won by the beautiful Deeney!

We've got Francombstein on Halloween raging up the sides. It's a nice ball. It's to no-one.

So it's really, she's done... Oh! Francombstein!

I would say those are the major descriptions. Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! It's John Green in the 90th minute! Are you kidding me!

...can be it. It's gotta be. Oh, what a goal!

That's the prior... Oh, Bald John, Other John Green to Bald John Green and it's a goal!

Right now. Yes!

What a wonderful, what a wonderful video game this is.

I think that's the right thing to do. Oh! Oh! John Green!

You better do it well. Speaking of which. Oh! It's such a great finish!

Oh! It's gotta be! And it is! It's an offensive explosion!

Get it! Dicko! Dicko!? Doh! It's the greatest goal in the history of the Wimbly Womblys!

Wearing shorts in public is a kind of nudity.

Oh! John Green he's been on the... Oh! John Green! John Green! John Green!

It's not a great penalty. Oh yes! But it's good enough!
"Dicko Dicko Dicko Dicko
Dicko Dicko Dicko Dicko
Dicko Dicko Dicko Dicko
Dicko just won the cup!"

...hugely reliant upon John Green and John Green. Oh my God! Holy sweet Jesus!

Oh that's a great ball That's a great ball to a man and his husband and it's a goal! It's a goal!

There's Callum Kennedy on the ball. He's like "Bald John Green, you want to do it again?" Bald John Green's like "Ah, yes. Yes I do want to do it again!"

The AFC Wimbledon Wimbly Womblys have worked there way up from the ninth tier of English football to the effing Premier League.