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This episode of Sexplanations is sponsored by They sent me this new gadget, which I used, and now I want to report my findings.

[Opening clearing throat noise]

Toys are a reminder that sex is a form of play. Play with yourself or others, play with your toys.

I have lots of toys but I typically prefer body parts and my imagination to those toys. Vibrators are usually too intense for my anatomy and I'm too lazy for a lot of dildos. So much work to sanitise them, condom them up, wait for my body to tent, insert them, then move them around. I'm lazy.

That's why this toy is getting its very own spotlight, a whole Sexplanations episode, because it's compatible with my sensation preferences––and I want you to know about it.

Now knowing that the head of the clit, just like the head of the penis, and then the inside of the foreskin on these erectile tissues, are all mucus membranes, I don't want to put something unclean anywhere near them.

So the first order of business was to plug in my toy, and immediately look at the box to determine hygiene: how to clean it.

It says sex-friendly silicone but has no other instructions, neither do the quick start guide or the safety information booklet, which is unfortunate but not unexpected. I have a whole video on cleansing sex toys for this reason: we're not always taught how.

So, for this, I did a gentle dish soap and warm water wash so that it's actually clean before disinfecting it with a toy spray.

Yea! Yea! Clean toy!

I sprayed it four to six inches away, then let it sit for a minute and then wiped it with a clean cloth. 

Next was playing with it. It's like a robot designed to give the sensation of whispering sweet nothings whenever and wherever you want it. And I wanted it on my clit. The silicone feathers here that pucker at this opening are perfect for a clitoris, mine at least.

Clitorises range in size from, like, a lentil or smaller to apricot or larger. Mine falls on the tiny side so this looked perfect. It was wide enough so that it didn't have direct contact but not so wide that I didn't have any stimulation at all. You can out it in a lot of places, earlobes, nipples, full anus rosebud massage if you want to.

I chose clitoris. To do this, it entailed opening the labia, so that I could actually get access and then I stuck it here, and with these two buttons––there's a plus sign and a minus––I turned the devise on, and spun.

As you can hear, it has about the same volume as an electric toothbrush, and I can change the direction of rotation and speed. I'll quiet it for a moment to explain the rest here.

As this was happening, it's going around my body, I'm realizing that it is probably possible for this rubbery material––it is silicone––to kind of chafe my body, that it would just rub and rub and rub and rub and rub, and that could be problematic. This did not happen during the time that I was using it.

One thing I would note is that you could probably use this with a water-based lube and it would give it a smoother rotation than when I was cleaning it with the soaps. It felt real good. Slippery. Moved around real nice.

I also realized that I could turn it on its side, so rather than having the rotation spin like this, I could send it around like this, and it could be more of a lapping the pussy kind of sensation. Which did mean that this toy felt more like cunnilingus than anything I've played with.

I also found that the more I pressed on the toy, the more it would slow down, so if I wanted a high-powered kind of just, tickling, a whisper, whisper robot, then I would just leave it here, just on the tip.

But if I really wanted to get the toy to like, get in there with its head and massage and lap around, then I would push it into my body and then its gyrations would really work and do more of this motion on my body, which was then surprising to me that my pubes didn't get all caught up in a tangle. But it didn't! It was great! It all worked out really well.

My goal going in was to see if this toy would be more or less interesting than manual stimulation for me, so it wasn't about a certain time period, it wasn't about how many orgasms or how big it was, just could it keep my attention.

[In a sing-songy voice] Get it up there, build the arousal, fill the labia with the blood, engorge the body, speed up the heart rate, all the circulation is happening, all the respiration is happening.

Did, for a while, decided that it wasn't gonna do its thing. We're gonna turn the toy off, set it to the side, do the manual stimulation, thank the toy for a good job anyway, "It was fun playing with you."

That didn't mean it didn't have a purpose. If somebody brought this to, uh, playtime, I'd be all about it, and I did enjoy the fact that it turned me on a great deal.

But to really get in there into my masturbation routine I'm super clit-locked, so it turns out that I need my manual stimulation, or at least at this point, to carry me over the top into climax, and I appreciated that this toy got me to full arousal and then this toy [her hand] was able to finish the job.

So Satisfyer Layons: I highly recommend it. If vibrations are difficult for you and you don't want anything penetrating, I would say that this is a very non-gendered toy, relatively easy to clean, given all of its folds.

And super fun to charge. There's a magnetic post here to a USB, and then these light up when you plug it in so that you can see exactly what you're doing, make sure you don't waste any time over charging it, that you can get into the masturbation as soon as you want it.

I don't know, I think you're pretty good toy. Did not ultimately make me come, but it's fun. It's fun to try new things and break some of that clit-lock down. So good. So good. So good. You're so good.

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