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This week's questions:
2:42 - How much sun exposure warrants sunscreen? What about artificial lighting? I know some of that emits UV too?
3:51 - I sit a lot for long periods. After watching your video on how bad stagnation is, I've started to set a 30 minute timer to remind me to knock that off. Is static stretching and a little bit of walking around fine, or should I do something more engaging?
4:57 - Could you please tell my friend that MSG is not bad for her?
6:54 - My parents are terrified of electromagnetic "radiation" or "electrical pollution" but I'm not. What studies are actually out there?
10:12 - Does microwaving food cause it to lose nutrients?
11:33 Laser health therapy: medicine or quackery?
13:26 - How do we balance the skyrocketing national costs of end of life care with the need for societal compassion?
14:45 - What data exist on the use of SSRIs for a period of several years or more? Is it a bad idea, or OK to stay on them to prevent relapse?
16:56 - Is it that people who don't drink enough water get kidney stones and thus need to drink more, or is it that some people have a predisposition to getting kidney stones and need to drink more water to counter that?
18:46 - What do you think of chiropractors that claim they can "scientifically" prevent SIDS with their adjustments in newborns?
20:26 - Could eating a variety of herbs and spices on a regular basis lead to better health/nutrition, or are the studies on this topic overblown?
21:45 - What do you think about eating high fiber foods? Do you support a high-fiber diet?
22:52 - Is there any research out there about the effectiveness of Telemedicine? How do you feel about it?
24:10 - My recent roommate insists that her immune system is compromised and that she cannot shower before bed because if she sleeps will wet hair she will catch a cold. Please explain why this is SO wrong.
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