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In this video I demonstrate how to use a door sex swing in more than a dozen different ways. You can get this swing and others like it at Use the promo code DOE to get 50% Off 1 Item + Free Shipping on your entire order in the US & Canada. *Certain exclusions apply. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Thanks for staying curious!


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*whip noise and throat clearing*

As you may know, I have a sex swing on the back of my office door. Today I want to show you how to use it, sort of. I'll be clothed and demonstrating without partners.

These two swings are from, they're pretty similar, but I like this one more because it has a padded seat for more comfort and versatility.

Let me show you how to set it up! I took it down so we could start from step one. Pick a sturdy door like this one, not something hollow core. Think door to the garage, hotel room door, front door of the house. Pulling the swing out of the box you'll find a bunch of straps and two acrylic tubes. Drape the tubes over the top of the door, so they're on the side opposite from where you want the swing to be, then close the door, and if possible, lock it for privacy and security. If your sex swing has a seat, it'll be centered, then there's a set of handles for you to hang onto and a set of stirrups for your feet.

Here's position one, I'm gonna put my butt on the seat. My feet or thighs can go in the stirrups, and my hands can go wherever. My partner, these straps here, these handles that have smooth grips. This is ideal for penis-vagina sex, penis-anus sex, strap-on sex if the partner wears it and puts it in me, or strap-on sex if I wear the strap-on and the partner backs up into me. Someone short or on their knees can go down on me and if we want to make it even more acrobatic, one person can sit on the seat facing outward, while the other person uses the stirrups and handles to swing to.

The stirrups are strong! I can use them to stand, to straddle, and to squat. Just be careful because it's easy to lose your balance and either slam your heels into the door or have your legs come out from under you.

Standing I can receive oral sex from behind with someone sitting on the seat and in front of me with a person facing me. The straps for the stirrups and the seats are adjustable, so I can raise them or lower them depending on who I'm playing with, and in which ways. I can also face the door and stand or squat. I can also move the seat to my back and have all the control of my depth, speed, and rhythm. I can have my legs on top of my partner's shoulders, relaxed against the door for oral sex, oral sex on my stomach, someone could  be here in front of me, and another person could be behind my for more oral, vaginal, anal, or digital play.

The sex swing gives me a lot of control, whether I'm receiving, penetrating, both, or neither because I can moderate the movement.

*dance music plays*

When you're done playing, leave the swing up for later, or in my case, for office decor. Or simply unlock and open the door, slide the cylinders off the top, and nicely wrap up your toy for future use.

This sex swing and others like it are available at When you use the promo code "DOE" at checkout, you can get an eligible item for fifty percent off with free shipping to the US and Canada. Stay curious!

*dance music plays*