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In which we discuss how to get over a break-up, when to call the doctor, how to avoid food poisoning, how to manage adulthood responsibilities, and what Benjamin Franklin can tell us about eating ice cream for breakfast. Special thanks to our friend Dr. Aaron Carroll of the amazing YouTube channel The Healthcare Triage ( for consulting on all things medical with us!

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Note: Apparently California is on PDT rather than PST right now because Daylight Savings. But, yeah, if you're in California and you look at your watch and it is 11AM on Saturday, June 28th, you should totally come see us. :D

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Emma Mills & Mike Martin
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(how to adult intro)

Emma and Mike: Hey!

Emma: Let's A some Q's. Part Two.

Hey Mike. Do you have any plans for June 28th, from 11 AM to 12 noon Pacific Time?

Mike: I'm going to be at a How to Adult meetup slash Q&A at VidCon.

Emma: You know what, I'm going to be at a How to Adult meetup slash Q&A at VidCon, too.

Mike: We should carpool.

Emma: We would love to see you there, so if you're going to be at VidCon, please come say "Hi!" and we'll chat and it will be fun!

What are the best ways to not feel overwhelmed by new-found adult responsibilities?

Mike: Feelin overwhelmed is totally a normal thing and that feeling is not a prophecy of your doom. But I think the big thing is to figure out what actually needs to be done right now and just take it a step at a time. I remember when my wife and I got married we had moved to a new state and I was super stressed. I had lists of all the things that needed to be done. But I actually eventually found out that I didn't need to do all the things at once. Or soon. Or sometimes ever.

How do you make sure you don't abuse tour new found freedom, like staying up all night or eating ice cream for breakfast everyday?

Emma: Well, a lot of these things may correct themselves over time, i.e. you'll get tired of having the sugar crashes, but the cool thing about new adulthood is that you actually can do some of these things sometimes. So feel free to indulge yourself, but as Benjamin Franklin said, "Remember, moderation in all things."

What do you wish you'd known when you were leaving college?

Mike: Therapy is awesome and helpful.

Emma: That you don't have to have everything planned out.

Mike: How do you fold a fitted sheet?

Emma: We don't know. But this video does.

(Pointing to video)

Mike: I am applying for my first ever job. What should I do when speaking to the manager?

Emma: Well, it sounds like you are on the right track. You should definitely speak to the manager when you go in to apply. If the manager is not there, you might ask another employee when might be a good time to come back to speak with the manager. The employees can't always give out an exact schedule, but it can't hurt to ask.

Mike: And also remember that people respond well to polite confidence, so prep and practice a couple sentences to say to the manager before you go in.

Emma: I just wanted you to know that I'm applying for a position at your store. I've always enjoyed it as a customer. I'm excited about the prospect of contributing to the team. I'd love to talk to you more about the position. Will you be conducting interviews soon?

What good is a summer job besides money?

Mike: I think you can learn a lot in almost any job. It might not feel like it and you might not realize what you've learned until later on. For instance, I learned very valuable lessons about people and patience during my time as a test subject in experimental drug studies. Also, it's good for meeting people and networking. And it's good for finding joy in your actions with people. Until making How to Adult, I have never been so consistently happy as I was during my time working the counter at a bagel shop in North Carolina.

How do you get over a breakup?

Emma: I think one of the big rules in life applies to this situation. Don't beat yourself up too much. Whether the dumper or the dumpee, there's usually a grieving period following a breakup. According to Dr. Susan Whitbourne, it's okay to actually set a deadline for how long you'll allow yourself to wallow in the grief. It's okay to think through the relationship to understand your role in it and your role in the breakup. There might be lessons to learn. But you don't want to ruminate on it too long. It helps to get outside your head whether it's by hanging out with friends or volunteering.

Mike: I think part of the reason breakups are so painful is that it feels like this deep and special part of us has been rejected and we tell ourselves that that's gonna happen again and again until the end of time. But that's an overgeneralization. And if Hemingway was right when he said "We become stronger in the broken places," I think it's equally true we become stronger in the breakup places.

Emma: What is your favorite adult beverage?

Mike: I've actually never tasted alcohol and the only way I can foresee tasting alcohol is by being on My Drunk Kitchen. So people, can we get in touch with Hannah and make that happen? I heart Harto.

Emma: I have tasted alcohol and my uh, my professional adult opinion is that it is yucky.

Mike: And finally we received some medical questions, so we consulted with our friend Dr. Aaron Carroll at The Healthcare Triage channel.

What warrants going to a doctor? How distressing or debilitating must the symptoms be?

Emma (Reading Dr. Carroll's Answers): First of all, "going" to the doctor shouldn't be your first line of defense. That should be "calling" the doctor. You should call your doctor's office anytime you feel really sick, no matter what the symptoms are. High fevers probably warrant a call, as do fevers with a headache, sore neck, or rash. Anytime you have trouble breathing, make that call. Earaches, bad sore throats, and pain/redness/swelling of joints all warrant a call. Look, if you're really worried about anything, I'd call. Then you'll get to talk to a medical professional who can advise if and when you need to be seen.

Emma: Obviously if you think any of the above things are life threatening, call 9-1-1 immediately.

Emma (Reading Dr. Carroll's Answers): In general, don't wait until you're sick to find a doctor. I would ask friends for recommendations for physicians.

Emma: What are the ultimate rules for avoiding food poisoning?

Mike (Reading Dr. Carroll's Answers): Wash your hands before you cook, after you cook, before you eat. Always. Make sure anything that touches raw meat, fish, chicken, or eggs is washed. Don't cook meat, fish, or chicken that has been defrosted for more than a day or two, even if it's refrigerated. If food is spoilable, don't eat it if it's been out of the refrigerator for more than a couple hours. Don't eat food that's out of date. Don't eat from a can that's dented or bulging. Don't eat food that smells or tastes bad. And don't drink from questionable water sources.

Emma: So that's this weeks episode. If you have any suggestions about topics we covered here today, please leave 'em for us in the comments section below, along with any questions you would like answered in a future Q&A. In the meantime, we've been working on a catch phrase and... it's left us speechless. (silence)