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In which John shares some outtakes from Hank and John's previous reunion video and then announces Nerd Factor, an idea stolen from Michael Buckley. If you're making awesome videos you think more people should see, upload a recent one as a response to this video. We'll watch it and feature a few in a vlogbrothers video soon.

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A Bunny
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John: Corn dog lip balm. Delicious. It's all the fun of corn dogs with none of the calories. You know on second thought you don't really want your lip balm to smell like corn dogs. Kind of a niche market product. Just for Hank.

Ow! That was uncomfortable, let's try that again.

Hank: No that was good.

John: In other news we do have a punishment for Hank.

Hank: Cuz I did VidCon!

John: You didn't make a video, we promised to make a video every Monday, Wednesday and Friday into perpetuity; you failed to make a video; budejebuhjigbudebu—punishment!

Hank: budjegigbujubebu?

John: boojgebujdebu! So I spend all day talking to an 18 month old child so you should be grateful when I ever speak to you in English. By the way you're blocking the view of the link. I'd appreciate it if they could always see the link.

Hank: I'll be over here.

John: It's 7,500 sheets which is 5%

Hank: No.

John: Uh.

Hank: It's like half a percent.

John: It is like half a percent.

Hank: But you have half a percent chance of getting a Hanklerfish.

John: Mrr murr m—No it is five percent!

Hank: No it's not.

John: A Hanklerfish?

Hank: I just made that up.

John: That is the best! A Hanklerfish!

Hank: Where's my calculator?

John: I don't know. 7,500. 150,000 divided by 7,500 is 5%. Right?

Hank: No.

John: It's 20% according to Hank's calculator. We're so good at math! That's 5%.

Hank: 20 is 5%?

John: Ahhahaha! I must be the greatest!

Hank: Is it really? 20 is... You want to do that in a shorter take in case you can't use all that?

John: Yes.

Someone said to me, like, "the surgery is no big deal, after you get it you'll feel like you did 1,000 crunches." And I was like "Well I mean, I have no idea how that would feel, but it sounds horrible."

Hank: The thing is, will you look like you did 1,000 crunches?

John: No, that's the thing.

Hank: That would totally be worth it.

John: They remove your gallbladder and install an eight pack. Is that even possible? I don't know if that. . .

Hank: No, I don't think so.

John: You just get the six.

And the last reason we came to Montana is you're my brother and. . . I like you.

Hank: Okay. Wooh!

John: What is this, Esther Day?

Hank: Oh man, that was scary.

John: I could barely even look you in the eyes. It's far more comfortable just this way.

[scene change]

And now we're back to just this way. A belated good morning Hank. As you can tell by the gray speckled wall behind me I'm in an airport on my way home. Nerdfighters sorry for the outtakes video, but one last thing before I get on the plane. We're a big fan of Michael "whatthebuck" Buckley, so much so that we're stealing his but factor idea. So Nerdfighters if you've made an awesome video recently that you feel like deserves a wider audience, make it a video response below and we will go and watch all of them and feature a few in a future vlogbrothers video.

Hank thanks for hosting us in Missoula. Don't forget to be awesome. I will see you on Monday.