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Thanks for attending and for watching. You can watch our overview video here:
Hello and welcome to this informational series on VidCon 2015. This video is all about the signing system this year. And there's going to be a little background to begin with, so I hope that's okay. 

VidCon signing and photo line system is going to be a lot different this year and that is because we have found ourselves unable to alter the fabric of space and time. And WheezyWaiter will not loan us his cloning machine, so we are stuck with having only certain amounts of time that people can meet people and thus they cannot meet everyone who wants to them. Last year we thought we had a good plan, but it turned out that it was not good for a lot of people because what happened was at like 4 am, people started lining up for signings that were taking place like 8 hours later, and that was okay for the people that started lining up at 4 am because they got to do the thing that they wanted to do, meet the person they wanted to meet. But it was not okay for the people that lined up at 5 am and then waited for 7 hours. Those people, many of them did not get to meet the person they wanted to meet because there was not enough time for them to meet all the people who had lined up at 4 am, and so some of the 5 am people weren't able... And that was just unacceptably bad, like it was very sad and that's the situation that we do everything we can to avoid. And since we had had a lot of systems in place to try and avoid that, but we were unable to, now we need to develop other systems so that doesn't really happen.

The solution we came up with was to have a signing lottery and people would rank their favorite creators, 1 to 15, and then we had a computer program go through and assign people signings and meet ups based on their preferences. Now, this worked pretty well, around 50 percent of people got their first choice, and everyone got at least 2. I recognize that this isn't a perfect system. We just know that it's better than the old system. The biggest problem with the current system is that maybe you get a different signing than your friends or your family and you guys aren't going to be in the same line, and you guys have to split up for a while. We're working on a solution to that problem for next year, sorry we didn't have a solution to that problem this year. 

The lottery took place in June and all of the signing hall signings have been assigned, there is no way to get into the signing hall if you are not assigned a signing or meet up with a wristband. The lottery took place in June and all signings have been ticketed and that is the only way to get into the signing hall. For every signing session you have access to, you will get a wristband at registration. They will put it on you at registration and you will not be able to take it off. This is because [we have a] no tolerance policy for scalping; no wristbands will be allowed to leave the registration area without being firmly attached to a wrist. Damaged or defaced wristbands will not be honored. We are really serious about not letting people sell these things outside of the arena or on Twitter or on eBay or whatever, that is just not something we can have happen. They are specifically designed to withstand showers and swimming, so you do not have to worry about any of that. But if you lose it, you're out of luck. This is not a drill, because we have to be able to say, without a doubt, that if there is someone trying to sell a wristband that they are lying. This policy is the only way we can guarantee that. If you plan to swap wristbands with people, you have to be together at registration so that the person at registration can give you yours and then you can give it to them, and they can watch them put it on because otherwise we can't let them leave registration not on a wrist. I think I've said this enough times.

The wristbands actually have the date and the time of the signings. And once you have access to it, you can arrive up to an hour before that time or an hour after the start time. If you show up earlier than that, security will ask you to go please enjoy the wonderful and very interesting expo hall that we have set up just right there, next to the signing hall. We'll have a big screen outside the signing hall that will tell everybody what color wristband is currently lining up, so feel free to check that out. Once you are inside the signing hall, the number on your wristband will tell you which line to get into. You will get into that line and please take the opportunity to talk to the people next to you in line because there is a pretty good chance that you have some things in common.

I'm really excited about this new system, I think it will maximize the amount of time people have to enjoy all that VidCon has to offer. I hope that you have a fantastic VidCon. Thank you for watching this video. I hope it was informative. I appreciate your attention to detail. And DFTBA.