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It's Question Tuesday (on Friday) in which we attempt to scour up some new information about our pasts and ourselves with varying amounts of success.

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Hank: Good morning John, it's Tuesday.
John: Nope, Friday. Good morning Hank, it's a REUNION VIDEOOOOOOOOO --
Hank: Hi. How are you? How is, we are --
John: -- OOOOOO --
(Hank drums on John's back and his voice modulates)
John: -- OoOoOoO!
Hank: We both kind of look tan.
John: I think it's cause of the bad lighting.
Hank: So, a very special question Tuesday John, it's been 9 years that we've been making Vlogbrothers videos. I wanted to do a Question Tuesday in which we tell people things they still don't know about us. I asked Twitter and here are some of the questions that I received.
John: (sighs)

 Questions Pt. 1

Hank: Who had more girlfriends in elementary through high school.
John: Hmmm, me.
Hank: Yes. I had more girlfriends in elementary school, though, I will say.
John: I killed it in elementary school.
Hank: Nooo, you didn't.
John: I had long term relationships in elementary school.
Hank: That's right. I was just like hop, hop, hop, hop, hop. I held so many hands.
John: Did you?
Hank: When you were kids, did you know what you wanted to be when you grew up?
Hank: I thought that I wanted to be an oceanographer. But it turns out that I don't like boats.
John: I did want to be a writer when I was a kid, but I never thought that it was a realistic job. I thought it was like, wanting to be an astronaut or something. What is the pettiest thing you still argue about?
Hank: We did have an argument yesterday about which part of the human body would take the longest to eat.
John: No, I feel like the argument was about which part of the human body would make the largest contiguous steak. It's all petty until you're a cannibal. And then it's suddenly very, very real.
Hank: Gwen asks "Does John cast movie?"
John: (sighs deeply) No.
Hank: "Who has bigger ears?" asks Sarah.
John: I don't know. My ears are this big.
Hank: My ears are this big. Lets measure with the Goonies. Like, right here.
John: Okay.
Hank: I made a little mark.
John: Alright. There we go. I have the bigger ears.
Hank: (laughs)
John: But I'm older.
Hank: Yeah, they keep growing.
John: They keep getting bigger.

 Henry Interlude

John: Henry is right behind the camera and I just asked him if the video was funny, and he said no. So I'm concerned. So Hank, can you do something funny?
Hank: Slick. (makes fart noises with his mouth)
Henry: (laughs off camera)
John and Hank: (laughs)
John: He laughed!
Hank: (makes louder fart noises with his mouth)
Henry: (laughs off camera)
John: Alright, the video is funny again.

 Questions Pt. 2

Hank: Bubble baths: soothing relaxation --
John: Yes.
Hank: -- or boiling cesspool?
John: Oh, so -- 
Hank: Boiling cesspool.
John: No. No! NO! No, we're about the have the pettiest argument we've ever had. Baths are wonderful.
Hank: It feels like putting my entire body on every other part of my body. Ainsley asks "Nerdfighter emoji?" There's one that I use.
John: Is it this one?
Hank: Yeah, the lady that's going like this.
John: Hank, what is your 20-year goal?
Hank: Ohhh. When I'm 55 I want to still have a colon.
John: (laughs) How's Dave Green?
Hank: Fine, he's doing good.
John: Whenever I'm like "How you doin' Dave?" he's just like --
Hank: Living the dream!
John: L. T. D.
Hank: Hmm. He does say that. It's weird.
John: I don't think it's that weird, I think it's cool.
Hank: I keep thinking it's FTD, which is the flower delivery service. Have you ever seen each other poop?
John and Hank: (laugh)
John: Henry is finally laughing again! Probably, when Hank was like 3 months old.
Hank: Oh right, yes.
John: But it's been a while.

 Rapid Fire Questions

Hank: Rapid fire, what's your favorite musical?
John: Hamilton.
Hank: What's your favorite poem?
John: The Second Coming by W.B. Yeats.
Hank: What book have you re-read more than any other?
John: Actually probably Hatchet by Gary Paulsen, if you go back to my childhood.
Hank: Oh, wow.


John: Last question, Hank. What do you think of as your biggest accomplishment -- when you do that it makes shadow animals on my body.
Hank: (makes bad duck noises)
John: Is this your biggest accomplishment? Right now, this? Making a terrible duck that kisses me on the cheek? My biggest professional accomplishment is Vlogbrothers. My biggest personal accomplishment is behind the camera.
Hank: You picked Henry?
John: No, I mean uh bah --
Hank: I'm also very proud of Vlogbrothers, but among that, in there, I think my greatest accomplishment is having made the internet's most viewed video of a goat giving birth. Is a thing that I did.
John: It's incredible.
Hank: No one can take that away from me.


John: (sighs) I'll see you on Friday. Tuesday. I'm so bad at days.
Hank: I know, I know. It's going to be a problem for our whole lives.