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Good morning Hank, it is Friday December 17th 2010.

Time for the Project For Awesome! Is that too much? Felt like a lot!

Think I actually hurt my shoulder. Today is the day that YouTube is not about kittens who are inspired by kittens but about charity. You can participate in the Project For Awesome all day, and all day tomorrow by going to or

All day long, a huge army of commenters, including Hank and me, will be running around going to every Project For Awesome video we can find and commenting on it like crazy and rating and favoriting. And this year, there is added incentive. Nerdfighters, you may know how much I hate pennies.

Well this year, Hank and I will be donating one penny for every Project For Awesome comment up to one million comments. This year our pennies will go to benefit 'Save The Children' and 'Partners In Health', two charities that Nerdfighteria has worked with extensively before, which I am going to tell you about in a second. But first I wanna tell you a story.

So Hank, a few years ago, just after the invasion of Iraq, I was watching the news with my friend Hassan, and they were showing this very nice house that had been bombed, and there was a huge hole in the wall that had been covered over with plywood. And on that plywood there was all this Arabic graffiti in black spray paint. And the news guy was talking about the anger on the Arab street and everything and then Hassan starts laughing and I say "What's so funny?" and he said "The graffiti" and I said "What's funny about it?" He said "It says 'Happy Birthday Sir despite the circumstances'".

Hank, the news man and I had fallen into the same trap. We both assumed it was political, angry, violent graffiti not "Happy Birthday Sir, despite the circumstances" graffiti and ever since I've been thinking about why we fell into that trap. As humans we have a bad habit of imagining people who live far away from us or are in different circumstances from us, as fundamentally 'Other'.

But in Nerdfighteria we've already learned that people who live in very different circumstances from us are not fundamentally 'Other'. We know it because we've seen what happens when we work with 'Save The Children' and Shaun's 'Uncultured Project' to build a Pond Sand Filter in Bangladesh that after two years is still providing clean water to all these people. And we know it because with the help of the 'Harry Potter Alliance' and 'Partners In Health', we were able to fly the SS DFTBA, full of lifesaving supplies to Haiti.

We've already seen what happens when you stop seeing people in poverty as 'Other' and start seeing them as part of 'Us'. You know 'Us', people who do this to remind themselves to be awesome. 'Us', people who even in the wake of terrible tragedy find a way to happy dance. We want to keep that awesome going not only because it helps people who live in poverty but also because it helps us.

It reminds us that when we look at graffiti that we don't understand, it very may well say "Happy Birthday Sir, despite the circumstances". So every Project For Awesome comment, up to a million comments is worth one penny to 'Partners in Health' or 'Save The Children'. And if you go to right now, you'll find lots of amazing ways to donate to great organizations.

We've got raffle prizes from Meekakitty and WheezyWaiter and Nerimon and Ryan Higa and tons of other YouTubers and lots of awesome nerdfighter raffles including the chance to win my nerd glasses and the last remaining BobbleJohn. Also, everyone who enters my zombie apocalypse novella raffle will be emailed the story, and one lucky winner will receive the actual printed version of the story, extensively annotated by me and signed for the winner. But in my opinion, the best raffle is the one where if you win, your name will be the name of Hank's new album.

Like if the winner of the raffle's name is Jeff, Hank's new album will be called 'Jeff'. I'm gonna enter that one like 400 times. So please go over to to donate and join us all day today and tomorrow at to comment and rate and favorite as many awesome P4A videos as possible.

Commenting army, I will see you at all day and night, where Hank and I will be constantly uploading videos Old Spice Guy-style, and may the 4th Project For Awesome be the best one yet. Nerdfighters, thank you so much for all your P4A videos, thank you for inspiring us. Hank, DFTBA.

By the way, if you haven't subscribed to, you're not gonna have any fun today! I made a rhyme! I am a rapper! (To the John bobblehead) You're my friend.

Is it gonna be weird if we kiss? You're so beautiful though! I want it!

It's wrong.