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How can going online help you if you're feeling isolated by your differences at school? Advice from the best-selling author of The Fault in Our Stars, who is co-creator of the Nerdfighter Community.
Well there are lots of good spaces on the internet where, um, where you can have positive relationships and meaningful relationships and peer relationships that can be really, like, productive and make you feel better about yourself. I hope that our community, the Nerdfighter community, is one of those. It's people who feel often ostracized socially but, um, you know, but can come together online and find out that there are people like them, that they aren't alone. Maybe they're the only person in their school who's a massive Doctor Who fan and everyone thinks that's so nerdy but in our community they find that there are in fact, like, lots and lots of Doctor Who fans. And so that's the internet at it's best when it can be a space where people with similar interests and passions can find those relationships that really sustain them.