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As we get closer to VidCon 2013, we wanted to show you a compilation of just a few of our favorite memories from VidCon 2012.

As you can see, it's going to be impossible to top... Challenge Accepted.
(Video Montage of VidCon to House of 1982 Built like a Ship by Driftless Pony Club)

Shay Carl: Alrighty, we are headed to the convention center.

Lee Newton: We're backstage at VidCon still.

Jenna Marbles: This year's a little bit more intense.

Freddie Wong: I believe it's, like, almost three times larger than last year, right?

Terry Crews: Every time I'm excited they just kinda pop, perk up.

Charlie McDonnell: I really like to meet people who watch my videos.

Sarah Gregory: It's our favorite, favorite show to play ever.

Chad Vader: I'm having the best time I've had all week.

Felicia Day: If you love YouTube personalities or YouTube shows, definitely this is the con to make time for.

Kevin Smith: At first it was like "Oh wow, look what the kids are doing" and then you start going "Oh wow, look what the adults are doing" and then you're like "Why aren't I doing this?"

Ze Frank: I can't imagine, like, a better community of people to be around.

Misty Kingma: You just had an article in Forbes. Um, what?

Harley Morenstein: Boss baller.

John Green: Let's just do this again.

Joe Bereta: Let's just do it.

JG: But, you know, with more.

JB: One more day of VidCon, let's just do it. Let's just do it tomorrow.

JG: No maybe, maybe next year, next year.

JB: OK, next year.