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It's national voter registration day!
Hello it's Hank, and it is the day that my book comes out. And yet somewhat surprisingly, standing here looking out at over Manhattan in my hotel room, because it's good lighting because it's
diffused because it's a very rainy, cloudy day.

I am here to tell you about a different thing, it's national voter registration day, and I'm pretty- I got like a lot of things to do today, but more important than a book coming out is democracy. So if you haven't registered to vote or if you're not sure if you're registered to vote, it's very easy to figure out if you are registered to vote,  you can- you can register, and you should because if you don't, in some places you won't be able to vote.

In some places you can register all the way up until the time when you arrive at the polls, but the rules are different in different states. If you're not in America, but I don't know anything about how democracy works where you live, hopefully it works, If you are in America though we have created a series called How to Vote in Every State at and because we are the United States, different states have different rules, different laws and different systems.

So you- I cannot tell you how to register to vote, but you can type in register to vote into Google and that will tell you how to do it in your state, but if you go to our YouTube series you can find out everything about how voting works where you live, registering, early voting, where the polls are, how to find out about stuff, how to get sample ballots, all that stuff, and how to feel like a capable, qualified
member of society, doing your civic duty to make the world a better place for you and the people around you.

So that is a thing that you can do  My novel is also out but more importantly register to vote here on national voter
registration day.