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Happy new year!! I guess!?
Hi there, Hank's channelers... no. What's up fam? This is not gonna happen. It's fine, we're good. I- a thing happened a couple weeks ago and I didn't explain it at all.

So I launched channel memberships on this channel, it was a way for people to pay money to get extra content. We did some live streams, you got an icon on your thing, people submitted "Ask me
Anything" questions. I did it largely because I wanted to try out the product, and as I was doing it I just felt like it was- it just was- it yeah, it felt like on this channel, which obviously doesn't require a budget, it felt like excluding people who didn't have the money to pay from content and I didn't like that, because there wasn't any reason to.

But I did want to understand the product, use it, and so I really appreciate everybody who signed up for that, who hung out in the live streams, who sent me questions. I still have a couple of those AMA videos to upload by the way. I have recorded all of them.

That happened but then I was like, I did the last livestream, and then
I was like "I'm done with this now". I feel like I've learned all that I'm
going to learn from this, and we are still doing memberships on SciShow so like that's still an ongoing thing. But on Hankschannel I was like I'm done- I'm done with this, and so I just clicked the thing to turn it off, and then everybody got an email that said your money has been refunded, without a ton of explanation for what was going on.

Like I didn't get it an opportunity to explain in that email cuz it was just an auto email that YouTube sent, and I did not- I had talked about it in the livestream, but like not- didn't talk about it in any
other way. So here it is, I turned off  memberships, I stopped the thing and it was like 'you sure you want to do that?' and I was like 'yes I'm sure', just because I want, you know, I felt like it was
complicating things and I didn't need it and I just want this place to be the kind of place where you know, sometimes-

When you got one of these on the floor and you just like look.  I want this to be simple. I don't want it to be complex.