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Stuff that didn't make it into the final video on Vlogbrothers :-)


H: Did something wrong.
*song starts again*
H: What did I-- oh, I'm not doing the other arm.

*song starts again*
H:Did it again.

*song starts again*

*song starts again*
K: Just missed the cue! Cuz', I don't know. I don't know when its coming in.

*song starts again*

*song starts again*
H:I don't know what happened? It paused itself?

*song starts again*

*song starts again*
H: Did you keep looking?

K: Yeah.

H: Good.

K: What do you mean? Of course, I did.

H: I only did it that last time. Where I kept looking.

K: Yeah, you'll see. You'll see.

H: Liz wants to know whats your opinion on cheesecake?

K: Ugh.

H: Cake is great, cheese is great...

K: *sighs* I mean,

H: I don't--

K: I'm fairly lactose intolerant. Especially to, like, the softer..

H: Mmmm, wetter cheeses.

K: --softer, soggier cheeses.

H: Yeah.

K: That may be part of the reason I don't like cheesecake that much. Also don't really like the texture. It's like a mousse-y

H: Right.

K: Creamy, mousse-y thing? But like I'd rather have a mousse.

H: I'd also rather have--

K: Which is lighter, I think.

H: Right.

K: Maybe the cheesecake I've had have been too heavy, but I like a lighter mousse.

H: You know what I want is, like, those cheesecake cups. I don't want a slice of cheesecake.

K: Yeah, like one bite of cheesecake.

H: Yeah.

K: I'm good. Like, you go to New York City and they're like, "Let me slice you off this pillar!" 

H: Yeah.

K: "From this pillar of cheesecake!"
H: "Would you like 25,000 calories of sugar and cheese?"


H: I, uh, when I was in high school we sold cheesecakes for like, our band trip--

K: Yeah, I feel like, uh, I remember that.

H: -- for some reason, and of course my mom bought like, ten of them--

K: Oh God, and then they're just around--

H: -- to help me get to my quota, and then I just like, our garage freezer was full of cheesecakesWe had to keep eating cheesecake for like, year. It was a terrible decision.

K: Ew, that makes me feel nauseated just thinking about all that cheesecake all, all together in one place.

H&K: *laughing*

H: What Hogwarts house do you think our baby's gonna get sorted into?

K: Right now, he's a Slytherin. 

H&K: *laughing*

K: He's a scorpio. (*"I don't know" hand motion and face*)

H: Oh, and I thought- I was like "What does that mean?" but that's just the month he's born in.

K: Yeah.

H: That's his, I--

K: Yeah, That's his--

H: -- I know nothing!

K: -- that's his zodiac sign!

H: Yeah, and I was like "That's not a Hogwarts house! What are you talking about?"

K: *laughing*

H: That one sounds like Malfoy's, great aunt.

H: Matt wants to know why there's a dog door in the house in "Home Alone" when there is clearly no dog living in that house.

K: You ever moved into a house somebody else lived in?

H: You ever had a dog die on ya, Matt?

K: *gasp* Okay! I mean, I thought I was being a little fresh and sassy and then you were like "MATT. STOP BEIN' A JACKASS!"

H: It's called the lord's toot!

H: Has Cameo learned to love Orin?

K: Oh no.

H: No. 

K: He gives her treats sometimes now, so she's like "Okay, I guess you're okay."

H: Mhm.

K: She's sitting over there, in that chair - I can see half of her face.

H: *snickers* Yeah, she's just watching us!

K: -- One eye,

H: What are you guys are doing, let me know when you're done.

H: Court says, "I just want Katherine to roast me TBH."

K: Is that a thing that I do?

H: I dunno, you're a little bit...

H&K: *laughing*

H: Uh,

K: Wow, that just got turned around on me real fast!

H: "Nugget scribe?--

K: Especially--

H: More like, p- plug it,--" 

K: Pfhhh, "more like, Honey Mustard... writer."

H: Oh, I see what you did.



H: *Cameo kisses Katherine* Oh, kitty givin' momma kishses! Wow, are you hungry?

K: My nose is wet. 

H: Only if it's very hot outside--

K: Yeah,if it's--

H: do I like getting caught in the rain, and even then I don't want a piña colada.

K: No.

H: I wanna tectonic!

K: *laughing*

H: I just found out about tequila and tonics you guys.

K: I didn't have any gin in the house, but I did have lots of tequila, and also some tonic, and Hank was like "Well?"

K: We didn't have any vodka, either. Like-- 

H: Nope! No vodka!

K: I don't know what happened--


K:--to the vodka in the kitchen. We have so much tequila.

H: One of them's very nice, it's like, we haven't opened yet, it it's so nice. Where did it come from?

K: I bought it this summer thinking that I was gonna like, have a fun summer...

H&K: *laughing*

H: "What was I thinking?"

K: I don't kn- *H&K laughing*

K: "Oh! Maybe I'm gonna like, have a fun summer where like, I make myself a drink after Orin goes to bed and go outside and like, sit in the backyard--

H: Mmmm.

K: --and I did not do that.

H: That sounds nice!

K: Yeah, no, but I didn't do it because I was like *mock sleeping*

H: Yeah.

H: I got him up from his nap recently and he was like, groggy--

K: *laughing*

H: --and lookin' weird, and I was like, "You okay buddy?" and he was like "Yeah" and I was like "Are hippo and foxy okay?" and he said "Yeah, foxy momma hippo baby."

K: *gasps* Wow--

H: And I was like, *"okay then" hand motion*

K: Okay?

K: He has like, three different fish that he plays with in the tub, and one them's a daddy fish and one of them's a mommy fish and one of them's a baby fish - And he's like,

H: *snickers*

K: --very--

H: Yeah.

K: He's making those--

H: ...Tied to those identities.

K: relationships.

H&K: Yeah.

H: We have a friend who did- who's, uh, the, the, the mother is taller than the father--

K: Mmmm.

H: And the, her, their daughters, did it backward, where like, the big fish would be momma fish.

H&K: *laughing*

H* It took a - took a while to uh, adjust to the- societal reality.

H: Ooh, you've got a lotta junk on your pants! Whoof!

K: It's because I'm - I'm always kneelin' down on the ground with that baby--

H: Yeah.

K: -- and these pants are like--

H: They're fuzzy.

K: --they're fuzzy, so they, grab it, they grab it.

H: Mhm, and cat hair.

K: Cat hair. Kitty fuzz. Kitty fuzz everywhere.

H: It's worth it.