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In which John goes Full Hank. Crash Course: The Universe will be available tomorrow wherever you get your pods ( or at Turtles All the Way Down comes out May 2nd on Max. I am a ball of stress and worry but very grateful to everyone who watched the movie with us in Los Angeles over the weekend!

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Good morning, Hank.

It's Tuesday. So you found out you had cancer  almost exactly one year ago.

Not an experience I'm anxious  to repeat. And, Hank, when you got diagnosed, I was lucky enough  to be able to take on a few of your 15,000 jobs, and I really enjoyed  that work. Like, there was no part of you having cancer that I enjoyed,  but I did like the work.

So much so, in fact, that I seem to have gone full Hank.  Wait, what's full Hank? Actually, before you tell me, we need a quick  check on the weather. Have you been there the whole time?  Don't Aza and Daisy look cute there?

This fella's a bloomin’, these leaves  are a sproutin', and the sky is a grayin'. It must be April in Indiana.  But about going full Hank. So I have a theory, Hank, that you  and I have two overall reasons why we sometimes give a bit too  much of ourselves over to work.

The first is "dread-drenalin".  When I feel really stressed, I seek out this feeling that's somewhere  between thrill and dread. You might call it the Twitter feeling.  I can't pretend to fully understand it, but when I start to feel overwhelmed,  I actually want to make more stuff. Until eventually I hit, like, a hard,  hard wall.

Alright, let's take a Potato break. Potato come.  That doesn't work. He's still a puppy.

I just like to do it.  Sit. You are a very sophisticated gentleman with your bow tie on.  Yes, you are. Potato's not happy that we abandoned him after the  Potato section of the program.

So, listen, the other reason I like to  make stuff when I feel overwhelmed is that I like to make stuff. People  often say, like, oh, it makes me - being creative makes me happy.  It doesn't make me happy exactly, it just makes me feel conscious of  being alive. Right.

So I've been in Los Angeles for the last few days  promoting the Turtles All the Way Down movie, and it's been a lot of fun.  It's also pretty overwhelming to do that stuff for me. Like, it's a lot of  talking to strangers and whatnot. But I love the movie, and I want to  do whatever I can to help it.

It comes out May 2 on Max.  By the way, Hank, while I was in Los Angeles, I got to see the Turtles  movie with an audience of, like, 1,400 people at the LA Times Book Festival.  And it was incredible. It was just so special to feel the energy in that room  and then read everybody's responses to the movie afterwards. People have  been so generous about the film so far, and it's just, you know, that stuff is  awesome.

I mean, it's the opportunity of a lifetime. So yeah, that comes out  on May 2. I'm very excited about it.

But first.  Right, right. So I've got a new show coming out tomorrow.  It's called The Universe. It's about the universe.

A while back I read this  great book by an astrophysicist called The End of Everything (Astrophysically Speaking).  And I loved it so much that I wrote the author to tell them as much and  Dr. Katie Mack replied and we struck up a friendship and I thought  this would be a fun podcast. So Dr.

Mack and I have been working  on that for the last couple years and a whole team of other people have  been working on it too to make it look so pretty and cool. Like here’s  just a little sample. [Dr. Mack] I’ll   start with the big bang theory. [John] We are going to learn about,  and I like this phrase, Cosmic Noon. [Dr.

Mack] The fundamental forces of  nature, large scale structure of the universe. [John] Black holes.  [Dr. Mack] You already know the whole story of dark matter.  [John] I definitely don’t. And now it's coming out.

Its going to  be a real podcast in the world. Both, like, in your ears, but also a  video podcast, in case you prefer that kind of thing. I'll put some links  in the doobly doo.

Also, I've been working on Crash Course Religions.  That's right, we're going to do a Crash Course in world religions for  the first time ever. I'm not at all nervous about that. It doesn't seem  like it's at all dangerous to my reputation.

Now Hank, I will tell you a little secret.  I think you and I both need to find a better work life balance.  I'm hiding. You can't see me. You have no idea where I am.  I think we need to find a better work life balance.

But it reminds me  of a prayer by Saint Augustine. My all-time favorite prayer actually.  He said, “Lord, make me chaste, but not yet.” Lord, make me work  life balanced but not yet. Turtles All the Way Down out May 2.  Crash Course the Universe podcast out tomorrow.

Crash Course Religions  coming a little later this year Hank, I will see you on Friday.